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The First House (Ascendant) In Vedic Astrology - Your Identity

The First House (Ascendant) In Vedic Astrology – Your Identity

by gemsyogi

Today, we are going to talk about the first House. The First House, which is also called ‘Lagna’ or ‘Ascendant,’ reveals our identity. It is the House of self, and it defines what someone really is.

First House (Ascendant) In Astrology

Since the First House is the House of self, your mind, body, and your behaviors were majorly influenced by the sign and planets placed in this House. The First House also covers all ‘Firsts’ because it marks the beginning of life. So, things like the first impressions, your self-image, your appearance, your new initiative, new beginnings, etc. come under this House.

In Vedic astrology, the first house is considered the most important because it answers some important questions like – Who you are?, what’s the purpose of your life?, what you want in your life? Etc. It shows how you see the world around you, whether you pick up the negatives or positives, everything is decided from the 1st House.

It’s the House that shows you how to sail your destiny. Your mind, thoughts, your approach of living life, your vision are all defined by the 1st House or Lagna. It represents your personality, character, ego, temperament, will power, strengths, weakness, and health.

According to the Vedic astrology, the First House or Ascendant indicates your childhood, health, environment, psychology, character, ego, will power, fame, happiness, health, physical body, personality, strength, and dreams.

To know about one’s inner and outer self, one needs to study the sign and planets placed in the 1st House of a chart. It also says about the conditions at which you were born, your childhood and upbringing.

1st House Tells About Your Physical Attributes

If we talk about the health – most of our physical attributes like your body shape, face, skin complexion, height, weight, was influenced by the sign and planets placed in this House. If the Ascendant is not so strong or weak, then the native will have frequent headaches, nausea, mental stress.

Weak first House also shows struggles related to low will power and negative thoughts. On the other hand, a strong ascendant will have everything to enjoy life and will be healthy & wealthy. It’s quite fortunate to have positive and well-aspected planets in the first house because of the potential of the first House manifests in the right way when positive planets were placed in it.

First House Marks the beginning of life 

So, to sum up, the First House or Ascendant is the base house in one’s chart. All other 11 houses are counted from the Lagna or Ascendant. It denotes the beginning of life and all adventures and¬†speaks to the person we are becoming and will become. It shows how we show ourselves to the world, what are our life approaches, our qualities, etc.

It’s the House Of:

  • Aries and Mars

Things Related To 1st House

Personality, temperament, ego, behavior, atmosphere around us, appearance, health, physical attributes, early childhood, our image, fresh beginnings, leadership, outlook towards life, etc.

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