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Moon In 3rd House | Mindset, Career & Relationship

Moon In 3rd House | Mindset, Career & Relationship

by gemsyogi

Without considering the sign in which the Moon is placed, here is a generic answer to the impact of the Moon on the third house of a birth chart i.e., in the Sahaj Bhava (The house of Action).

General Influence of Moon when placed in the 3rd house

Moon in astrology represents our mind, and when the Moon is placed in the third house of a birth chart, it represents that the native is very good at communication. Such natives are born with the ability of salesmanship; they are also very good in business, marketing, etc.

Moon in 3rd House – Creative Skills

Since the Moon resembles creative pursuits, when it resides in the third house, it represents that the native is skillful at portraying emotions. Such natives may be seen as good writers, poets, journalists; they are inclined towards writing works like blogging, story writing, etc.

You may even see such natives writing long paragraphs in their social media posts; they may also share their feeling on social media by writing.

Moon in 3rd House – Siblings, Relationship, Mother & Father

When the Moon is placed in the 3rd house, the native remains in contact with the siblings; this native plays a major role in their sibling’s life. They are seen sharing and exchanging feelings, day to day chores with each other.

When it comes to the Mother of the native, Moon in 3rd house shows a very communicative, restless and active mother. It’s also possible that Mother will be in the communication field or will be a business lady.

Such natives get support from their father and are respected in the family. In relationships, these natives are seen putting a lot of emotions & feelings into their actions. They are usually good at convincing others, romantic by nature, and impress the opposite sex with their creative ability.

To convince the opposite sex, they would write romantic messages or convey their feelings through hands, like drawing, crafting, etc.

Moon in 3rd House – Mindset & Courage

Moon in 3rd House - Mindset & Courage

As the third house represents the house of action and courage, natives with a well-placed moon in the third house are courageous and optimistic. If the Moon is well placed, such natives don’t like to think or hear about negative outcomes when working towards a goal. On the contrary, they always have a positive attitude towards their work.

These people indulge in all their emotions and feelings towards their work. However, they usually don’t see or prepare for the worst-case scenario because of this wishful thinking. Due to this trait, it is seen that these natives do not handle failures easily; they get depressed and flooded with negative thoughts if they fail in a work.

Moon in 3rd House – Professional Life & Career

Moon in 3rd House - Professional Life & Career

Moon is the third house gives a lot of traveling as well. If involved in Job, it is quite possible that these people have to do long traveling to reach the office due to certain personal circumstances.

Therefore, traveling becomes a major part of their professional life. These natives are highly creative and intelligent; they are constantly flooded with ideas they seek to try out to earn money.

These natives are seen working on multiple things and are capable of doing that too; therefore, they create a lot of contacts in their professional life. When Moon sits in the 3rd house, it urges the native to look for other or secondary sources of income and may have multiple sources of income.

Moon’s Aspect on 9th House

Moon's Aspect on 9th House

Moon in the 3rd house has a direct aspect in the 9th house. Due to this aspect, the native always seeks to gain higher knowledge. They keep on gaining knowledge from everywhere to know the truth about the higher self, God, spiritual wisdom, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean they are always religious, but these natives are seen to keep heading in the direction where they can find the truth and knowledge about reality. If the Moon is well placed, they can be religious since childhood, and they get a lot of support from their father, inheritance from the father is also possible with this placement.

Benefic results of the Moon if well placed in the 3rd house

  • Native is courageous, intelligent, and Brave
  • Native is very good at communication skills. They are a great salesman and good at taking risks, leading to success.
  • These natives make multiple contacts in their professional life, contact with foreigners, contacts made through the internet.
  • This native has some skills related to hands like writing, poetry, drawing, crafting, etc.
  • Native is inclined to spiritual endeavors and follow their family culture and religion.
  • Native is very creative and has multiple sources of income after reaching their mid 20’s
  • Native has an excellent relationship with the family members, especially with siblings.
  • Native is respected amongst his family and colleagues.
  • Native may travel abroad due to professional matters after the age of 28
  • Native may get a lot of support from father, may get inheritance also.
  • Native is knowledgeable and learns many scriptures.
  • Native may have a lot of hobbies.

Malefic results of the Moon if not well placed in the 2nd house

  • Native may be coward, lazy, and has careless attitude regarding their future.
  • Native may have a surge of thoughts and a lot of emotions, which makes them confused while making decisions.
  • Native’s relationship with siblings may go awry.
  • Native may be violent and selfish, due to which he may not get along with friends.
  • Native may have to face poverty, remain unlucky till the second half of life.
  • Native may face legal disputes, losses from government/ authority.
  • Male Native may have problems like gynecomastia.
  • One may be inclined towards multiple relationships but may not be able to find happiness.
  • One may be possessive & dominating in a relationship leading to disharmony.
  • Native may have unusual sleep timings and may have sleep-related problems like insomnia.

PLEASE NOTE: All the above interpretations are very general results of Moon in the first house. Therefore, everything mentioned above cannot be taken as truth because one always needs to check the sign, nakshatra, aspects of other benefic planets, degree, and conjunction before coming to a conclusion.

Therefore before interpreting the results of the Moon in the third house, one must understand what Moon is in astrology.

What does Moon Represent?

Moon is a karaka of mind. In astrology, the Moon signifies our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is also considered a creative planet representing our creative skills because creative endeavors require well-directed emotions towards the work like poetry, writing, crafting, etc.

Moon also represents our desires because it is a sensual, lusty, but benefic planet according to astrology, and desires can’t come without our thoughts.

The Moon has two types of influences, physical and psychological(mental). Still, in the majority, the Moon has a major influence on psychological things in our life because it is very close to the earth, so it can easily influence our physical body and mind.

In the non-physical dimension, the planet moon represents our emotions, thoughts, frequency of thought, willpower, lust, consumption, happiness, sorrow, nurturing, caringness, heart character, the agility of mind, idleness, sleep, and mental strength, feelings.

Our addictions, intuition instincts, gut feelings, imagination, creativity, speculations, chattering of the mind, mental negativity, positivity, perception about others and ourselves, and psychological wellbeing are also represented by the Moon.

If a native is born with a strong and well-placed moon, he will have the ability to create heaven out of hell, despite all the struggles and little money. Conversely, a native who is blessed with financial success and physical health may remain unhappy if the planet moon is not in a good place in the birth chart.

The Moon also represents many physical things in our lives, such as our mother, the sea, the tank in our home, the pond in our yard, the rivers, the shipping companies, beverages, foreign travel, foreign countries, international contacts, pearls, transparent crystals, white color, fish, etc. and other water creatures, left eye, silk garments, etc.

Now that we have understood what the planet moon represents in astrology, we should understand what the third house means.

What does the third house in astrology represent?

The 3rd house in astrology is the house of action. In Vedic astrology, this house is named Parakram Bhava (Valor). A person’s attitude towards challenges and ability to overcome those challenges are seen from the planetary influence in this house. The third house is also known as Sahash Bhav ( Courage and risk-taking ability). A person’s ability to take risks is represented in this house.

Moreover, the third house stands many other things like skills related to hands, siblings, neighbors, source of income, side source of income, motivation, ambitions, communication skills, contacts, servants, short term interests, pleasures, short trips, work related to the computer and computer skills.

In body parts, the third house represents shoulders, upper chest, arms, right ear.

Without considering the sign in which the Moon is placed, this is our generic explanation of Moon in the 3rd house. The entire chart needs to be analyzed for accurate predictions.

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