Cancer Ascendant – Protective, Generous & Moody

After knowing about Gemini Ascendant, we have now moved towards the Cancer Ascendant. Before we proceed, let’s understand the Ascendant. Ascendant shows the way we project ourselves to others. It also shows how we respond to others around us.

Cancer Rising / Cancer Ascendant

The personality of Cancer Rising
The personality of Cancer Rising

Cancer is a water sign, that means you are likely to be intuitive, emotional, and ultra-sensitive. You might try to look tough by appearance, but deep inside, you have a sensitive heart. Being a water sign and under the strong influence of Moon, you go through periods of Mood swings.

With Cancer rising, you are gifted with a strong intuition and psychic sensibility. So, you need to use those gifts to acknowledge your sensitivity, accepting your desire to nurture and support the strugglings. However, in the process of doing so, you take too much from the environment and overburden yourself.

Usually, you are very caring and sweet, but you don’t feel comfortable in public, especially while meeting new people. You are introvert by nature, but at the same time, you have that loyal and caring side as well. The astrological symbol of Carb represents Cancer, which means you tend to display the hard outer self to others to protect the sensitive side.

Cancer Takes It’s Sweet Time To Open Up

It takes a lot to open up
It takes a lot to open up

Before opening up yourself, you like to analyze the situation or people, and you take your own sweet time to drop your guards. Because of such sensitivity, lots of Cancer ascendant people lead lonely lives. You are also very caring and nurturing towards others, especially friends and family members, but you carry a vulnerable look that makes others want to protect you.

Born with Cancer Ascendant, you are also gifted with an ability to absorb the atmosphere around you, and when you are at your best, you can reach the hearts of others quite easily. Being a water sign, you are also born with strong intuitive powers, so, you are likely to be a communicator who makes a deep impact.

When you suffer or lost trust in people around you, you tend to protect yourself first. You can blame this thing to your nature because your mood swings are indeed a challenge to handle. Sometimes, you carried away with your powerful feelings, especially the sad ones, and this thing makes you vulnerable to intoxicating addictions.

Being born with Cancer Rising, it’s true that you spend lots of time reliving past experiences and emotions. You have an in-built emotion storage system that saves all emotions at a molecular level. Other signs might think of you as an irresponsible fellow thinking about unnecessary things, but it’s not true, you are just emotional.

Cancer Ascendant – Family Comes First

Family Is Very Important
Family Is Very Important

Moon and Cancer rule the fourth house, which is the house of Family and home. For you, the Family becomes an integral part of life, and you won’t hesitate to take on extra responsibilities when it comes to fulfilling any needs of Family. Those born with Cancer Ascendant are also very protective of their spouses, siblings, close friends and children’s

Being a Cancer Rising, you find comfort, peace, protection, and solace at home. It was the home where you feel the best and are likely to give home the utmost priority. You like to keep your home clean, beautiful, and peaceful. Music also plays a vital role in your life, and you get inner strength while listening to music.

Although there’s nothing wrong with being a homebody, you need to ensure that you don’t isolate yourself from the world entirely. You are also blessed with a strong sense of intuition, and others know you because of your intuition powers. With Cancer in Ascendant, your instincts are rather sharp, and you can rely on it.

With Cancer rising, you also seek stability in your life. For you, having a home and a shoulder to cry on gives you the much needed emotional security. You don’t believe in taking revenge from your opponents or enemies because you have forgiveness in your nature.

Since you are blessed with an ability to absorb the atmosphere around you, your mind is always observing and processing everything, including the expectations and feelings of the other ones. So, due to this ability, you take every step in your life with great caution.

The above nature also makes you a good businessman, in fact, you are quite a business-minded. Since you are a minute observer, you know how to cater to the tastes of the public. You are practical, cautious, and despite emotional turbulence, you have a determined attitude and are likely to accomplish your goals.

Your uncontrollable mood swings often lead to depression and isolation. You are likely to suffer from a series of gastric, indigestion or any other stomach problems. So, you need to adopt healthy habits like avoiding intoxication, exercising and proper diet to maintain good health.

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