Leo Ascendant – Brave, Generous & Egotistical

After knowing about Cancer Ascendant, we have now moved towards Leo. As we all know, rising sign in one’s chart describes how we present ourselves to others and what others think about us. So, if you are born with Leo Ascendant, you have magnetic energy around you that grabs others’ attention.

Leo Ascendant / Leo Rising

Leo Ascendant - Brave, Generous & Egotistical
Leo Ascendant – Brave, Generous & Egotistical

You tend to give more attention to what you wear and how you look. This is another reason why you easily get noticed. Yes, we forgot to mention, you have a cheerful and confident outlook that also plays its crucial role in grabbing attention.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, and it gives you the power to shine bright in your life. It won’t be wrong to say that you are different from others, and this is what makes you stand out from the crowd. With born with Leo Rising, you have an inner urge to shine bright in life.

You are also quite fortunate, and it’s due to your ruling planet. Sun provides you enormous confidence, will power, generosity, and all other things that you need to stand out from the crowd. Just like the ruling planet sun, you can light up an extremely negative or dark situation.

You are spontaneous, and your enthusiasm level is always on the high. If we talk about the biggest strengths of yours, it will be your upbeat attitude, positive mindset, and dominating nature. Just like Sun, you are likely to be fixed on your focus. You will be a constant and reliable person to work with.

Leo Rising – Royalty is Attached

Leo Rising - Royalty is Attached
Leo Rising – Royalty is Attached

With born with Leo Rising, you are likely to take life as a stage where you need to make an impact on your own and others’ life. You are conscious of the image that you show to the world. Actually, you have it all! You are charismatic, creative, and your positive outlook towards life never fails to make a strong presence in the crowd.

An astrological symbol of Lion represents Leo. So, there’s always a tendency to rule. The lion in Leo also represents the royal side of yours. You are likely to receive royal treatments from others.

Since its also a sign of royalty, you are attracted to comfort, luxury, and love to travel. When it comes to dreams, you don’t pick the common ones. Just like your sign, your ideas are big, and you are ambitious enough to chase big things in life.

Challenge Is One Of Leo’s favorite Words

Challenges Excites Leo Borns
Challenges Excite Leo Borns

The ruling planet of your sign, Sun, also makes you passionate and courageous. Such a combination also gives you the courage to fight in the worst situation. In situations where every else has given up, you are still up and ready to fight. Giving up is undoubtedly not your cup of tea. Instead, you inspire yourself and others to keep up the goodwill.

For you, pride comes after sharing your joys and successes with others. This thing sometimes makes others call you a show-off, and up to some extent, it’s true because Leo is all about pride and royalty. Being a born leader, you know how to discover the hidden talents of others and using them to your advantage.

Since you are born to rule, you never feel comfortable while working under anyone else. You are the one who never likes to follow the crowd, and you are pretty headstrong as well. So, with such optimism level, one can expect a few wrong steps. The over-optimistic nature often lands you in trouble due to the series of rash decisions, ego clash, etc.

You tend to overestimate things and yourself as well. This is due to the high level of optimism and enthusiasm. Leos are proud, so the dark side of it also takes their proudness towards arrogance, vanity & self-absorption. You can’t digest criticism and tend to become aggressive if anyone tries to pinpoint the errors you make.

Leo is a fire sign, which means people born with Leo Ascendant are likely to be highly enthusiastic. However, fire signs also tend to feel unmotivated and depressed. You might wear a mask to hide your depression, but you do feel uninspired when met with setbacks and failures. However, on a positive note, you know how to recover from adverse situations.

Being born with Leo rising, you tend to become angry or hurt even at the smallest sign of disrespect. On disrespect, an Angry Leo can use abusive words and speak harshly without thinking about the outcome. Since you are a born leader and want to make things happen, sometimes you demand too much from yourself and others.

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