Aries Ascendant: What It Really Means & Personality Traits

After knowing about the Moon sign, we have now entered another chapter in which we will discuss Rising Sign. Usually, people don’t give much priority to the Rising Sign (Ascendant). They often read about the Sun and Moon sign horoscope, and they believe that they have seen the entire picture.

However, that’s not true at all. To know about your personality, you get to know about your Ascendant or Rising Sign as well. Now you all might be wondering about what is a Rising sign and what it represents? Let me explain what’s Rising Sign or Ascendant. Sun Sign is what describes our basic nature and personality traits. Moon sign is all about how we feel, our desires, our emotions, etc. The rising sign explains what others think about us.

The rising sign reveals how we present ourselves to others and how we respond to others around us. Let it be clear; the sun represents the core of yourself, the moon represents the inner you, and the rising sign represents the outer self.

Aries Ascendant / Aries Rising Sign

If we talk about Aries Ascendant or Rising Sign, the ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Since Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire, those born with Aries Rising are likely to move forward towards the goals without making any delay. These people hate boredom as they want their life to be as exciting as possible.

Characteristics Of Aries Rising Sign

Characteristics Of Aries Rising Sign
Characteristics Of Aries Rising Sign

Those born with Aries rising are likely to lean forward with their head. It’s also because Aries Ascendant is associated with the head. So, you will find lots of Aries ascendant borns complaining about headaches and migraines. This also represents their ability to fight with challenges head-on.

Usually, Aries Ascendant natives follow a straightforward and robust approach to live life, and they rely heavily on their instincts to get what they want. They are physically active, and you rarely find an Aries Ascendant native standing or sitting still.

Aries is also a fire sign. That means those Aries Ascendant natives will be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. The self-confidence, power, and zeal can be seen through the eyes of Aries borns. If you have a friend who was born with Aries Ascendant, then he will be honest, direct, fearless. These natives have great leadership qualities, as well.

Since the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, they have the fighting spirit as well. You will hardly see anyone with Aries ascendant struggling during the adversity, they know how to fit and will most probably fight back.

Being an Aries Ascendant, natives are incredibly enthusiastic and dynamic. These people are capable of leading life in their own way because of their independent nature.

When time demands, persons with Aries Ascendant also take responsibility to achieve his goal. As long as no other factors modify the Ascendant functionalities like the aspect of Rahu or Saturn, Aries Ascendant peoples will be impulsive in their actions, but not aggressive.

Negative Qualities of Aries Ascendant

Negative Qualities of Aries Ascendant
Negative Qualities of Aries Ascendant

Those born with Aries Ascendant, there’s always a sense of competition. It’s because of the ruling planet Mars. But, the same thing pushes Aries Ascendant natives to work hard towards their goals. On Aries Ascendant, there’s always an urge to lead and win on almost all of their ventures.

Another thing about Aries Ascendant is that since they rely upon the instincts to follow their life goals, thinking before acting is definitely not their cup of tea. They can’t stand boredom, and these people are often found engaged in multiple projects at the same time. It’s also because they seek action and changes in life. So, these people often struggle with finishing what they have already started.

Everything about Aries Ascendant people is fast, so these people will eat fast, walk fast, and even gets angry more quickly than others. However, their anger is also pretty quick to vanish, and they follow the forgive & forget motto.

Natives born with Aries Ascendant also expects the same level of energy from others, which leads to disappointment. Aries Ascendant natives need to improve their tolerance level by being patient with others.

Those born with Aries Ascendant need to keep going because inactivity can lead them to moodiness and emotional unbalance. As we know, Aries Ascendant borns are independent by nature, and they don’t usually seek support until they need it. So, their self-reliance and self-driven attitude is another positive thing about Aries Ascendant.

Due to their nature, other signs might think Aries Ascendant as selfish, but it’s not true at all. They are also one of the generous and loving individuals, and it was just that they don’t want to rely upon others. If time demands, those born with Aries Ascendant can make a compromise in relationship or sacrifice for the sake of those they love.

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