Taurus Ascendant – The Personality, Outlook & Traits

After knowing about Aries Ascendant, we have now moved to the Taurus. Taurus rules the second house, and its ruling planet is Venus. Taurus is an earth sign that means they love to keep things real. Being an Earth sign, those born with Taurus Ascendant are practical and very much closer to the ground.

Taurus Rising – The Personality & Outlook


This Ascendant are completely opposite of Aries. Where Aries is all about speed and energy, Taurus is known for its stability and steadiness. Similarly, the patience level is also very high on Taurus Ascendant people, and they take the ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ approach very seriously.

Those born with Taurus Ascendant are reasonably conservative as well, and they love to move forward systematically. Unless any other modifying factors play its roles, Taurus Ascendant borns are likely to be very cautious. This rising sign is not known for its love for change, and those born with this sign will instead try to avoid situations where change is required.

Taurus Ascendants are likely to come up as calm and capable people. They are indeed a great friend to have in crisis because they support stability and will try their level best to assist you by offering practical solutions.

Taurus Likes To Build a Solid Foundation

Likes to build a solid foundation
Likes to build a solid foundation

Taurus is also a fixed sign, that means they are the one who are likely to set up a solid foundation before pursuing the goals. So, being a fixed sign, Taurus Ascendant born were never known for their flexibility. But, they are fairly determined and can be stubborn as well.

Before jumping into any new venture, Taurus Ascendant born will take their own time to figure out the pros and cons. They usually have a strong urge to secure the future for themselves or for their loved ones. So, they often have a fear of the unknown. Any idea or venture where there’s security will definitely please them.

Those born with Taurus Ascendant also have a conservative nature, and they won’t move until and unless they feel the need. These natives can be stubbornly consistent, especially while chasing their life goals, and never get bored while doing repetitive work. Its also because they have already drawn a clear picture of the future in their mind.

Their consistency towards their views also has a positive and negative side. Their ‘I won’t change my mind’ attitude also makes them focussed and reliable. However, the same nature also makes them deny every opportunity that pops up now and then.

Taurus Ascendant – Pleasures Are Important

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents Love, money, life pleasures, luxury, etc. So, with Venus being the ruling planet, Taurus Ascendant people have a strong urge to enjoy the finer things of life. For Taurus Ascendant, their sense of security often means material comforts and luxury.

These people tend to enjoy fine foods, wine, and relaxations wherever and whenever possible. They are usually addicted to pleasant aromas and have an excellent taste of clothes. In fact, they give lots of attention to their appearance like what they would wear, what type of perfumes they would use, etc. When on shopping, these individuals are more likely to pick high-quality clothes that look good and feel comfortable.

If we talk about the love life of Taurus Ascendant, the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. So, sex, food, wines, and other material comforts are essential for them. On the love front, a Taurus rising will look for a loyal partner who would stay until the very end. However, they expect the same loyalty from their partner, and they can be extremely possessive as well.

However, a Taurus woman is a little bit different from Taurus Man because a Taurus woman would like to have as many possessions as possible. Usually, she will demand a lot from her partner. However, on a positive note, a Taurus woman knows how to hold emotions and will be very understanding. She can give up her worldly desires for the sake of good.

Taurus Rising in a Nutshell

So in the end, stability, security, and comfort matter a lot to Taurus Ascendant people. The ability to strengthen their financial life and developing wealth comes naturally to them. Along with that, determination, persistence, and strength to hold on a critical situation plays a crucial role in their life.

They have their own views, which they rarely change. They make plans after properly calculating the pros and cons. However, they need to learn quite a few lessons around letting go because they were often found stuck on their own views.

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