Capricorn Moon Sign – Inner Self, Positive & Negative Qualities

After knowing about the Aquarius Moon sign, we have now moved towards the Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and hard taskmaster Saturn rules it. Being an Earth Sign, Capricorn borns are emotional, intuitive, and ultra-sensitive.

Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign, that means these are the ‘Peoples with great ideas’. Those born with this sign have a strong urge to be useful and productive. These people handle their emotions pretty well, and they long for stability in every different section of their life.

People born with Capricorn Moon are usually very determined and disciplined and its all because of the ruling planet Saturn. There’s something inside these peoples that forces them to be as committed and discipline as possible. They are usually very serious, and they give stability the utmost priority.

Capricorn Moon Sign – Nature & Inner Self

Capricorn Moon Sign - Nature & Inner Self
Capricorn Moon Sign – Nature & Inner Self

Since Saturn rules Capricorn, those born with this sign takes the responsibility very seriously. Those born with Capricorn Moon are more likely to step into a position of responsibility earlier than others. It might be because they received strong suggestions from parents that they need to live up to certain expectations in life.

So, those born with Moon in Capricorn believes that there are certain things in life which need to be fulfilled. Capricorn Moon knows how to accept responsibility, and they are naturally drawn towards the area of life where they are forced to take new responsibilities.

Other sign might see Capricorn as an organized, reliable, reserved, and a capable person. They can easily understand complicated situations and can come up with realistic solutions. These people feel highly secure when they have solid structures around them.

The inner feelings of Capricorn born is all about clearing boundaries & realistic looking goals because they have a strong sense of purpose. The inner self of Capricorn born always force them to prove themselves in the world.

So, they have this thing running on their mind constantly that they need to be their best, to fulfill their own expectations. On the positive note, this nature forces a Capricorn born to give their 100% on any given assignment.

Those born with Moon in Capricorn are highly capable and can take on tasks which require a high level of hard work and dedication. Capricorn Moon is more likely to be self-dependent.

However, despite having so much duty and responsibilities, these people are afraid of sharing responsibilities. They believe that someone else might not be capable enough to handle their duties with care.

Moon in Capricorn – Positive Traits

Moon in Capricorn - Positive Traits
Moon in Capricorn – Positive Traits

The ability to take on new responsibilities will always remain the most positive trait of Capricorn borns. These are the practical and efficient individuals who usually sets realistic looking and achievable goals.

When it comes to achieving goals, Capricorn born knows that they have to stand up and play it hard to achieve the desired outcomes. So, these individuals put their 101% while chasing goals. The level of hard work in Capricorn borns is also unmatched with other signs.

Since they learn to take on new responsibilities early in their life, other signs often think of Capricorn as an organized, reliable, reserved, and capable person. So, with that what we mean is that these are the highly responsible persons and can be relied upon.

These are the Earthly grounded people who find balance when they listen to their body and follow their instincts. This nature also helps them think without any distraction, and they usually set realistic goals which can be achieved.

Another positive thing about Capricorn born is that they look for safety and security in almost everything they do. You will find Capricorn planning well ahead of us because on their mind they have already taken the responsibility to secure their future selves.

Capricorn – Negative Traits

Capricorn Moon Sign - Negative Traits
Capricorn Moon Sign – Negative Traits

Although Capricorn borns are responsible, reliable, and have down-to-earth nature, they usually struggle while dealing with their own emotions. Sometimes, they are unable to figure out what they really want. Emotionally, they tend to be harsher on themselves.

It was due to their nature, sometimes people born with Moon in Capricorn overburden themselves with responsibilities. So, it becomes obvious for them to feel that they give more than what they get in return. What makes the situation worse is that they hide their emotions under the surface.

Since they give utmost priority to Security and safety, they are more likely to be pessimist by nature. Until and unless they sense security, they won’t move. With that what we mean is that they are afraid of taking risks and more likely to play the game safe.

It’s difficult for a Capricorn born to be satisfied with what they have. Those born with Moon in Capricorn often takes a lot of time to open up, and their approach in forming a connection is often cold and calculated. It was also because they have a strong fear of rejection. So, until and unless everything is transparent, a Capricorn born won’t open up.

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