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Sun in 2nd House | Personality, Wealth & Career

Sun in 2nd House | Personality, Wealth & Career

by gemsyogi

The Sun, the giver of life, represents many things in our lives. When someone asks you ‘Who are you’, the comment that you pass tells about the description of your Sun. Sun in astrology is your basic identity and also represents self-realization.

This article will talk about the Sun’s placement in the 2nd House of a birth chart. How does Sun perform when he gets placed in the 2nd House? Is he make or destroy things? We will learn everything about Sun in the 2nd House later in the article.

What does Planet Sun Represent in Astrology?

Planet Sun is the natural significator of the Soul, father, Government, Power, and authority in Vedic astrology. Your willpower and self-esteem are also determined by the placement of Sun in your natal chart.

If you have a positive Sun in your birth chart, fame and power will naturally come to you. The placement of the Sun affects all aspects of life that are linked with your ego and willpower.

Apart from Soul and your father, there are many other things that Sun controls in your life. For example, your ability to fight under adverse conditions, how far you can go to achieve success are all decided by the placement of the Sun in astrology.

The Sun isn’t directly related to financial success & prosperity, but it can affect these areas as well. If the Sun is placed in the House that deals with finances, it can bring prosperity all around.

The Sun is the only planet in Astrology besides Mars, giving you the inner strength to endure and fight. For more details about the Sun, please refer to this guide – Planet Sun in Astrology

What Does the Second House in Astrology Represent?

If we have to describe the 2nd House in Astrology in one single word, we would say ‘Possession’. This is because the 2nd House in Astrology is all about possessing things that you value the most.

However, what types of things you will value will be seen through the planets placed in the 2nd House of Astrology. When I say things that you value, it doesn’t mean only material. It could be anything like you valuing respect, women empowerment, spirituality, and so on.

2nd House represents family, food, speech, lineage, earning, savings, banking, and many other things. It also represents everything you put on your face, like cosmetics and eyeglasses.

2nd House generally deals with wealth. Here, the wealth represents your saving, the money you accumulate, and the property you own. Don’t confuse between earning and saving; both are different. Your daily earnings were seen through the 6th and 10th House, whereas the 2nd House is all about the amount you save from your earnings.

So, a solid second house can give a strong bank balance because it represents banks also. The second House in Vedic astrology also represents your fame, your childhood. It also represents your mother’s hopes, desires, wishes, gains of your mother, and elder siblings of your mother.

Sun in the 2nd House of Astrology

Now that you are well aware of Planet Sun and the 2nd House of Astrology, you might be eagerly waiting to know about the 2nd House. Since the Second House is all about wealth, planets sitting on the 2nd House will impact your financial life.

Planets sitting in the 2nd House will control everything the 2nd House represents. Here a negative Sun can bring troubles in the family and financial life, whereas a positive planet can usher benefits.

Sun in the Second House – Wealth & Family

Sun in the Second House - Wealth & Family

If Sun is posited in the 2nd House, it brings ego in your financial and family life. A positive or negative sun in the 2nd House determines if the ego will be for good or bad.

Sun here likes to become the center of attention for the family and the financial assets. Sun here motivates one to work hard to succeed in their financial and family lives.

The native’s family and financial status become motivating factors. In addition, Sun rules the original fifth House of Leo, which brings creative talents to the native. The native takes advantage of their creative talents to maximize the outcomes of the 2nd House.

As the 2nd House also represents food, when Sun is here, it gives the native an affinity for tasty foods. The 2nd House governs speech, so Sun’s energy here gives the native some sense of ego and assertiveness.

When conversing with others, these natives typically discuss their assets, possessions, bank balance, and self-worth.

Sun in Second House – Father

Sun in Second House - Father

The Second House represents family, and Sun represents Father; so, when Sun gets placed in the 2nd House, your father will be the head of your family.

The native, or his father, will be respected inside the family. The father might be a politician, government employee, or creative person, but the father will be dominant. Native with Sun in 2nd House will gain wealth from father.

Sun in the 2nd House creates an overwhelming need to live life their way, for themselves. That’s the effect of Sun in the 2nd House, which defines and develops the needs and wants of the native.

Sun in 2nd House Positive Effects

Sun, when it gets placed in its own/friendly sign, gives very positive results in the 2nd House. However, Sun should have enough power and be free from any harsh aspects.

  • Being the King of Planets, Sun represents the Government. Here a positive sun shows a government job or gains from the Government.
  • These natives can do anything for their family or father.
  • A positive Sun in the 2nd House brightens your dynamic aura. The native here will have a dynamic aura that would attract many.
  • The King of planets, when placed in the House of speech, it bestows the native with commanding abilities. Such natives will have a voice that sounds proud & authoritative.
  • Sun in the 2nd House also shows that natives will get loyal servants. There’s also a possibility of gains from the servants.
  • Sun also represents your self and Soul. So, in the 2nd House, it indicates that the native will accumulate wealth with their own efforts.
  • Sun here gives lots of authority in the speech. With this placement, whenever the native speaks something, they will influence the masses.
  • When posited in the 2nd House, Planet Sun aspects the 8th House of Astrology. Due to this aspect, the native becomes very research-oriented. Therefore, they will excel in fields where research is needed.
  • The native will own many valuable items like Gold, Silver, Copper, etc.
  • The native may possess or have four-legged animals like cows, goats, horses, etc.

Sun in Second House Negative Results (Badly Placed)

Like the positive results, Sun can also give some inauspicious results in the 2nd House. The negative results will be more if Sun is aspected by harsh planet or sits in bad sign.

  • A negative sun can put lots of ego in one’s voice. At times the native can sound arrogant and dominating.
  • Since Sun is a dominant planet, it also makes a native short-tempered when placed in the second House.
  • Sun in 2nd House is generally not considered good for accumulating wealth. Here Sun can give problems in speech; natives may stutter while expressing themselves.
  • Since the 2nd House is all about wealth and possession, native here tries to use their wealth to accumulate material things.
  • When Sun gets posited in the 2nd House, it makes one obsessed about doing the right thing or in the right way.
  • If someone doesn’t agree with the views of natives, a conflicting situation is likely to arise.
  • Sun in 2nd House puts safety and security in everything. Sometimes the desire for security causes loss.
  • A negative Sun can make a native overly proud, egoistic by nature. They would like to show off their wealth and fame of family to others.
  • A badly placed Sun in the second House also shows struggles in early childhood.
  • The native will not be a scholar, and his/her education might be incomplete.
  • Whenever the father falls sick, the native feels less fortunate in his/her life.
  • Natives born with malefic Sun in the 2nd House will have eye problems, often affecting both the eyes.
  • One may lack humility, intelligence and may tend to forget everything.
  • A bad Sun can make a native careless and may destroy his wealth in unnecessary material things.
  • One may face problems from the Government, may not have the comfort of good vehicles.

So, this is all about the 2nd House and what happens when Sun gets placed in it. If you have any doubts, feel free to discuss with us in the comments below.

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