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Sun in 3rd House in Astrology | Courage, Communication & Career

Sun in 3rd House in Astrology | Courage, Communication & Career

by gemsyogi

We all know the importance of Planet Sun in our birth chart. Sun’s energies control many important things in our lives like vitality, soul, self-confidence, etc.

However, what if the Planet Sun was placed in the 3rd house? Sun in the 3rd house can intensify or destroy the significance of the 3rd house. So, is it good to have Planet Sun in the third house? We will talk about this in this article. However, before understanding Sun in the 3rd house, let’s understand Planet Sun.

Role of Planet Sun in Astrology

Astrologically, the Sun represents our soul and father. What you think about yourself, how far you can go, and how strong you are were all determined by where the Sun appears in your natal chart.

Sun in Astrology represents ‘Father’ in the native’s birth chart. The Planet also plays a trivial role in a girl’s chart in the case of marriage.

Essentially, your Sun represents your strength, self-esteem, confidence, courage, etc. It also represents your reactions to adverse conditions and how you will thrive to survive in this life.

Your ego, attitude, pride, creativity, leadership abilities are all controlled by the Planet Sun in Astrology. Sun in astrology can combust every Planet that comes too close to it. For more details about Planet sun, please refer to this article.

What Does 3rd House in Astrology Represent?

Your natal chart is divided into 12 different houses. Every house represents certain aspects of your life. For example, the 1st represents yourself, the 2nd house deals with wealth & savings. The third house in astrology represents communications, short journeys, siblings, creativity, intelligence, hobbies, courage, etc.

3rd house is more about communication. With communication, we mean everything that you speak or write. Whether you write on paper or type something with your PC’s keyboard, it all comes under Communication.

Since the 3rd house is also about information, it shows how we exchange information and engage with people. It rules every mode of communication like smartphones, media channels, social networking sites, instant messaging apps, etc.

The Planet sits in the third house will determine how effectively you will communicate, whether you will use wisdom or reasoning while communicating or not. This house also represents your younger brothers, neighbors, nervous system, work done with hands, your willpower & determination, ability to do exercise, efforts that you put in to earn money.

For more details about the third house in astrology, please refer to this guide – The Third House In Vedic Astrology

Sun in the 3rd House In Astrology

If you have been educated well regarding the Sun, you might know that it can brighten the entire house where it sits in. Well, certain houses in Astrology have the power to absorb the heat of the Sun, whereas others just unable to absorb the Sun’s energies.

3rd house is one such house where Sun burns the house. Here Sun overexposes the things related to the third house. When it gets posited in the third house, Sun affects all things represented by this house.

Here Sun makes the relationship with siblings and relatives suffer if it’s badly placed. Either you will not have a good relationship with your siblings, or you won’t communicate more.

Sun in third house – Courage

Sun in third house - Courage


The third house represents your courage, and when Sun gets posited here, it makes the native very courageous. Since Sun is a natural soul significator and when it gets posited in the house of courage, it makes natives extremely courageous.

Sun is the natural significator of energy, vitality, and courage, and when it sits in the third house, it makes a native very active & hardworking. The native will have good stamina and will do good in the field of sports.

However, the problem is Sun here brightens up the things related to the third house, including the courage. Sometimes Sun here creates false or illusionary courage, which ultimately lands natives into trouble.

On a positive note, Sun here makes a person achieve success on account of their courage and get will. Here Sun forces a native to use their mind to think and plan tactfully to achieve success.

Sun in the 3rd House – Communication

Sun in the 3rd House - Communication

The third house also represents all sorts of communication. Sun’s energies here put ego and self-confidence in the voice of the native. The native might not know they are talking dominantly, but they usually are. Their communication abilities, like what they deliver and how they deliver, become their ego.

If a native has Sun in the 3rd house, they would like to move around and explore different ideas because the 3rd house represents short distance travel and exchanging ideas. Here a negative sun can make natives overly talkative and expressive as well.

Sun in 3rd House – Career


3rd house is also the 6th from your 10 house of career, and when Sun sits here, it makes native work in an authoritative position where they get lots of recognition. This also shows opportunities to work with the government.

3rd house in astrology also represents relatives. When a positive Sun gets placed in this house, the relatives of the native will be in a high position but will be arrogant.

The native will usually have a strong urge to learn new things and experiments, and when they learn it, their ego and self-confidence increase. When it gets posited in the 3rd house, Sun has a direct aspect on the 9th house. So, Sun here has a major role on the luck front as well. Depending on the house placement and the sign aspect, Sun can make your fortune favor you.

9th house also relates to father, so native’s father plays a crucial role here. Here, the father helps the native develop the necessary skill sets to survive. Generally, the father of these natives will be communicative but will be strict and authoritative.

Sun in the 3rd House Auspicious Results

Sun, when it gets posited in the 3rd house, can bestow many positive results. However, the sign placement is very important here. A debilitated or harshly aspected sun can give more negative than positive results.

  • When a positive sun is placed in the 3rd house, it increases the confidence and self-esteem of the native.
  • Sun’s energies represent vitality and stamina, and when it gets placed in the house of courage, it drastically improves the courage of a native. Sun here makes one brave.
  • The native will always feel the flow of courageous energies within them, inspiring them to undertake risky or tough ventures.
  • When placed in the 3rd house, Sun creates a passionate and enthusiastic communicator. These natives will use their communication skills to dominate in their section.
  • Sun here gives excellent communication skills and linguistic talents. Here the native can excel in the field of writing, publishing, and anything related to communication.
  • Sun has a direct aspect in the 9th house, which is the house of luck, fortune, and prosperity. Here a positive sun blesses the native with natural luck, ensuring success in all undertakings and good wealth.
  • According to Bhrigu Sutras, Sun in the 3rd house makes one extremely valorous and fighters from the heart.
  • Sun’s energies in the third house provide enough hunger to natives to achieve big things in life.
  • Positive Sun in the 3rd house also shows a very focused and sharp mind. They are usually very clear about what they want in their life.
  • Due to the Sun’s aspect on 9th house, natives here will be attracted to good deeds, and they will always be a well-wisher for their dear ones.
  • The native will be healthy, wealthy, and will possess wiseness and wisdom.
  • Sun in the 3rd house causes a high sexual drive, but mainly for their marital partner.
  • A Positive Sun in the 3rd house favors native with a Government Job. Even if there’s no government job, the native will get favors from the government and authorities.
  • The third house is a Upachaya house, which improves with time. So, the Sun’s energies here become more mature with time. As a result, the wealth and communication skills record steady growth.

Negative Results of Sun in the 3rd house

If badly placed in the 3rd house, Sun can give many negative results. However, the intensity of the negative results will be decided from the sign placement & other planetary aspects.

  • A malefic Sun here creates problems with siblings. In some cases, it reduces the number of younger siblings.
  • Sun here provides good intellectual abilities to understand things, raising their ego.
  • Sun here makes the natives feel like they are always right. They would fight with the one who opposes them.
  • Due to ego, pride, and impatience, natives might not have a very smooth relationship with their close ones.
  • A malefic Sun in the 3rd house makes a native show off their educational qualifications and intellectual abilities. Sometimes, this damages their reputation.
  • Native with Sun in the 3rd house may face backbiting, exploitation, and blackmailing from close relatives.
  • Sun in the 3rd, if poised to give bad results, can invite losses from the government.
  • Sometimes, a badly aspected Sun in the 3rd house can make a native overly emotional.
  • A badly placed Sun in the 3rd house also shows injury in hand.
  • One may face loss due to communication or traveling.
  • Sun in the 3rd house, if poised to give bad results, can create problems for the child. Children might have health trouble or may suffer hardship in life.

So, this is our general interpretation of the Sun in the third house of Astrology. Please note this is a general interpretation without considering the sign, nakshatras, lordship, and ascendant.

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