Leo Moon Sign – Nature, Skills, Positive & Negative Traits

If you are born with Moon in Leo, then you are likely to be generous, loyal, proud, and adventure seeker from the heart. These people have a generous spirit that needs to be seen, appreciated, and adored.

Leo is a fiery sign which gives light and warmth. Since Leo is a fiery sign, these people are vital, enthusiastic, excitable, and they command attention. Leo borns have some energy within themselves, which can light up any dull world.

Leo Moon Sign

A Lion represents Leo, and just like a Lion, these people are incredibly strong, bold, brave, courageous, and loyal. And yes, we forgot to mention, they are aggressive as well. The ruling planet of Leo is Sun, which is associated with royalty.

So, people born with this sign are more likely to possess some of the solar qualities of the Sun. These people love to be in the center of attention, and they have some incredibly strong leadership qualities which inspire others to follow them. So, the attention comes naturally to them.

Being ruled by the Sun, these people are the born leaders, and they never take anything for granted. People born with this sign never hesitate to accept new responsibility, and they welcome every life challenges with open arms.

Moon in Leo – Nature

Moon in Leo - Nature
Moon in Leo – Nature

Well, those born with Leo moon have a strong urge to control, organize their families, friends, and their work. These people often feel proud, and they always want to lead from the front.

Since Leo is a fire sign, it was the passion and feelings that drive these people. These people can be highly creative, and their passion level are often so intense that it quickly grabs other’s attention.

For Leo, it becomes crucial to follow their hearth because they can’t fake excitement. When it comes to the career & profession, these people tend to be very hardworking, and they are someone who can make thing happen.

These people don’t know what ‘Stress’ is because they have such a creative mind that can pick positives from negative scenarios. Being ruled by Sun, these people have fantastic leadership qualities, and they love to be their own boss.

Leo Moon Sign – Leadership Qualities

Leo Moon Sign - Leadership Qualities
Leo Moon Sign – Leadership Qualities

Well, Leo borns don’t need to learn about leadership skills, because they are born with it. People born with this sign often try to teach others how to be a good leader and inspire the leaders in others. They also have a strong urge to take on new projects.

Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, there’s something royal in them. These people are sympathetic up to some extent, and they want everyone to feel passionate about their idea or project.

Those born with this sign plays close attention to little details. They have a dominating nature, but they respect their co-workers and friends. These people are more likely to give you an honest suggestion or opinion, even if it hurts you.

Leo borns also have a unique ability to find the biggest strength and weakness of people around them. They are also pretty good at reading others intention, and they can read your face and tell you if you are motivated or not with 99% accuracy.

Moon in Leo – Negative Side

Moon in Leo - Negative Side
Moon in Leo – Negative Side

Due to their fantastic leadership skills, sometimes Leo can act as if they are better than the others. They tend to become aggressive if anyone dares to challenge their thoughts and decision.

Since it was the Sun that rules Leo, these people demand respect at every cost. Leos are proud, so a dark side trait also takes their proudness towards arrogance, vanity, and self-centered.

Another negative traits of Leo born also revolves around selfishly putting his own needs and desires ahead of others. For Leos, what others will think doesn’t matter and can be totally unconcerned about others. They can even use tricks like lying and manipulation to get what they want.

Those born with Leo moon also have a super fragile ego, and they take things very personally. Since they tend to dominate others, they can become dramatically ferocious or use harsh words even at the smallest sign of disrespect.

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