Planet Sun in Astrology – Role of Sun in the Birth Chart

Before knowing about the role of planet Sun in Astrology, it’s recommended to read about the significance of planets in a birth chart. If you have been reading the articles published on GemsYogi from the start, then you might know that Sun represents your personality, how we behave, how we think, etc.

Before I explore more about Sun, it’s important to note that according to the science, Sun is not a planet. However, Sun is counted as a planet in astrology because it has its effects on every human being. So, in astrology, every celestial body that affects human nature is considered as a planet including Rahu & Ketu (Shadow Planets).

Sun in Astrology

Planet Sun in astrology
Planet Sun in astrology

Sun is the biggest celestial body that we are aware of. It’s situated in the center of an entire solar system. Since it’s located at the center of the solar system, it has leading authority attached to everything. It is also considered as a King in Vedic astrology. Sun controls the vital energy flowing within you, which drives your success.

Your soul purpose, will power, leadership skills, desire to earn name & fame, optimism, positive attitude, will to fight against the worst is all decided by the Sun’s placement. Everything about Sun is royal, and it rules royalty & higher office. So, the Sun governs all things that needed to have power, position, and authority.

The person’s focus, vitality, life force, awareness, interest toward achieving anything big is also represented by the Sun. Other things that the sun influences are self-respect, ego, politics, government, and ambition.

Father, husband, children, and other male influences are ruled by the Sun in astrology. This planet gives us the will that’s needed to manifest ourselves in the world. If the planet is dominant in the natal chart, it will make one leader or will help to reach a high position.

Sun in astrology rules hair, heart, head, bones, eyes. Every planet in astrology has its own house in 12 zodiacs. Sun governs Leo and the fifth house. Every planet feels comfortable in its own house and sign, so if Sun is posited in Leo, which is its own sign, then it will make the person courageous, bold, independent, strong-willed, and commanding.

Sun Performs Well in Own & Friend’s House

The friendly planets of the Sun are Mars, Jupiter, and Moon. That means Sun will give tremendous results if it’s posited in the house of Mars, Jupiter, and Moon i.e, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces. Similarly, it will give negative effects when asserted in the sign ruled by its enemies – Saturn and Venus.

A negatively or weak Sun in a natal chart can affect one’s relationship with father. The low self-esteem, inability to decide, low stamina is usually a sign of a weak Sun. A negatively placed Sun also invites lots of health troubles like baldness, frequent headaches, weak eyesight, blood-related problems, weak bones & heart.

The overall effect of the Sun depends upon the position and houses that it occupies. The lucky colors that are related to the Sun are saffron, orange, and light read. Ruby and Garnet are the Sun’s Gemstones, and the lucky numbers are 1, 10, and 19. The orbit time of Sun in one zodiac is 1 month, and it takes 12 months to journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac.

So, to conclude, Sun’s energy is a very vital life force that gives us strength, energy, and a will to succeed. It was the Sun that provides strength to the other planets, and other planets reflect the Sun’s light.

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