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The Third House In Vedic Astrology - Intelligence & Communication

The Third House In Vedic Astrology – Intelligence & Communication

by gemsyogi

In our previous article, we discussed the second house in astrology. After the 2nd house, we have now moved into the 3rd house. To properly understand the third house, one needs to understand the 2nd house. The second house is all about wealth, and the third house is all about the things that we do to accumulate wealth.

Third House In Astrology

3rd House in Astrology

3rd House in Astrology

So, what is the third house? 3rd house is all about younger siblings, communication, speech, courage, ability to work hard, etc. It also represents your hands, and so does the ability to do something with your hands like writing, typing, painting, etc. Early education of a native is also analyzed from the third house.

In a birth chart, the 3rd house represents short and long-distance travel for business or work purposes. Your mental intelligence, creativity, ability to process information, is also signified by this house. So, this is the house that decides how you use your intelligence and what creative talent you will have.

3rd House – Communication

The third house is traditionally ruled by Gemini, and Mercury rules it. Since the Mercury governs it, it’s responsible for all sorts of communications.

Communications like with whom you talk, what you talk, how you communicate, what device you use to communicate, how you exchange information, etc. were all represented by the third house.

The third house also rules over different forms of communication like media, social networking sites, TV, Radio, smartphones, telegraphy, etc. Since it rules both intelligence and communication, how you use your brain during a conversation to form connections also comes under the radar of the third house. How you twist and turn things through communication to your advantage is also seen through this house.

It’s the House of Siblings, Friends & Co-Workers

The third house is also a house of siblings, friends, co-workers, and relatives. The 3rd house in astrology also has a lot to do with teaching something through communication. With teaching, we don’t mean that it makes one a Guru or teacher, but a positive third house can make you a great advisor. You could be giving tremendous and valuable advice to your friends, siblings, co-workers, etc.

In the astrological chart, the third house also represents the efforts that you make to accumulate or gain wealth. It’s worth to note that the wealth comes through the second house, but the efforts needed to achieve that wealth comes through the third house. So, it indirectly represents both your family’s and your personal wealth.

Government jobs, administrative works were all seen through the 3rd house in astrology. Both the 3rd & 4th house in a chart represents the mother. It also represents the hopes and wishes of your first child. What else? The third house also represents moving away from home for work purpose and mental states like depression, anxiety, etc.

A positive and well influenced third house makes a native excel in every field that depends on communication. They would have enormous confidence in themselves and will have the courage to move forward despite challenges. They would have a very creative mind and will never fail to find opportunities in life. On the other hand, the badly influenced or weak third house indicates a person with little or no communication skills. The native would be depressed and will think about negative things first.

So, to sum, the third house in astrology is all about mind, intellect, and communication. It shows how you approach and analyze your problems and grasp information. The positive 3rd house in a chart makes one skillful in writing, speaking, thinking, reading, and editing. Whenever any planet transit over the third house, we receive new information. The third house is also closely attached to siblings, co-workers, friends, and relatives.

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