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The Second House In Vedic Astrology - Your Value & Wealth

The Second House In Vedic Astrology – Your Value & Wealth

by gemsyogi

After knowing about the 1st house in astrology, we have now moved into another chapter – The 2nd house. In Vedic astrology, the 2nd house is called Dhana Bhava, which means Money. It’s one of the important houses in astrology, and it needs proper attention before predicting anything about the financial health of the native. Jupiter is the significator of this house.

The Second House In Astrology

2nd House In Astrology

2nd House In Astrology

2nd house is a house of possessions, and it reflects all things that we own, ranging from material goods to relations. It represents the things that we already own and what we value in this life. The values are not just limited to anything material. It can be your interest, your opinion, your thoughts, etc. Obviously, values are mainly material, so it also represents your values towards golds, silver, jewelry, gemstones, etc.

Other than that, the second house in astrology also represents family, speech, the continuance of married life, wealth, fame, earning potential, banking, savings, etc. The 2nd house also decides your feelings towards all things that involve the financial standings of your life. How much you will earn and how much you will save & borrow is also seen through the 2nd house in a chart.

Lots of people believe that the 2nd house also rules the career or profession because it rules over the Money. However, it’s not true; the 2nd house mostly reflects one’s ability to earn or acquire Money. Money here doesn’t need to be a result of one’s own effort or earning. It could be in the form of funds, stocks, property, cash, jewelry, inheritance, etc.

As far as the body parts are concerned, it shows the eyes, face, neck, throat, mouth, cheeks, chin, nose, teeth, tongue, etc. It also represents our speech, intake of food, drinking habits, clothing, and anything that we put on our face like cosmetics. The adverse influence of a negative planet on this house also makes a person alcoholic.

2nd house astrology also represents your fame, family and your early childhood like how was your early childhood, how were you treated as a kid, etc were all seen through the 2nd house.

The 2nd house in astrology also represents the gains, hopes, desires of your mother. It also represents the career and fame of your children. The inheritance that you receive in your life be it from your father, mother, uncle, in-laws, etc were all seen through this house. This house also represents the health, diseases, and obstacles of your father.

It’s Fortunate To Have Benefit Planets In 2nd House

The second house also signifies your verbal expressions, and it’s also a karaka of speech. So, if any positive & benefic planet sits in the 2nd house like Mercury, the native will likely to be skilled at fields that rely on communications. If the second house is occupied by a benefic planet, the native will know many languages.

Generally, Jupiter is the best planet to have in this house because it expands the resources of the house where it sits in. Positive and well-aspected Venus and Mercury also does good in this house. Malefic on this house can also bring lots of wealth, but it comes late in native’s life.

Negative planets on this house can make a person suffer from vision or speech-related problems. Problems related to eyes, teeth, tongue, throat, etc. were also seen from this house of the chart. It also tells whether the native will have a hard time in accumulating wealth or he/she will suffer from debts and loans. Nevertheless, one needs to analyze the whole chart to figure the nature of 2nd house.

To sum, 2nd house is the key significator of Wealth, speech, possessions, money, livelihood, speech, eyesight, savings, movable assets, family background, etc. It also relates to things like property, inheritance, early childhood, etc. So, that’s all about the 2nd house, in the next article, we will be discussing the third house in astrology.

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