The Sixth House in Vedic Astrology – Enemies & Obstacles

After knowing about the fifth house, we have now moved towards the sixth house of astrology. Unlike the Fifth house, which is a house of pleasure, children, etc., the sixth house is all about health and obstacles. It’s the significator of all sorts of diseases and illnesses.

Sixth House In Vedic Astrology

The 6Th house in Astrology

Before understanding the sixth house in astrology, let’s talk about an important topic first. We all deal with hurdles, adversities, challenges, diseases, misfortunes, etc. in our daily life. These things are essential in life because it forces us to stand up and fight off our adversities in life. This is what defines us a people. So, the sixth house represents all sorts of hurdles in life that force us to be strong and fight heads on.

So, in Vedic astrology, the sixth house is all about participating in the war. How you fight in different situations and whether you will be a winner or not is all seen through the sixth house. It also signifies enemies, debts, difficulties, obstacles, and your ability to come out stronger on the other side.

The sixth house in astrology also represents your daily work routine. It signifies your work life and daily struggles to earn money, thus, meaning the office life. This is also a house of employees & servants, and it shows people who rely on you. It represents all people who provide you service or belongs to an industry that involves providing services like a bartender, waiter, nurse, etc.

Debts Were Seen Through This House

It signifies all forms of debts
It signifies all forms of debts

All forms of debts that you have in your current life, including both monetary and karmic, were seen through the sixth house of astrology. In Vedic Astrology, the sixth house also represents accidents through enemies, accidents because of karmic debts, unseen accidents, etc.

Since its the house that signifies all sorts of adversities, it’s always better to keep yourself secure and grounded so that you can be of service to others. To fight against the difficulties, having good health is essential, and the sixth house plays a crucial role in deciding your ability to fight adversaries, thus, representing your physical strength.

Since service and employment are the central themes to the Sixth house, all profession revolving around serving things comes under its domain like Doctor, Police, Healers, Military, etc. The sixth house in Vedic astrology also signifies the defense forces that protect our country. What type of relations you share with your coworkers and laborers is also seen through this house.

Next, the sixth house also represents the communication style and siblings of your mother. Other than that, it also represents the wealth, fame, and material world of your children. The health issues and spiritual beliefs of your spouse were also seen through the sixth house in a chart. The sixth house also signifies the environment of your father, like what type of people your father will deal with.

It Signifies Diseases and illness

It Signifies Diseases and illness
It Signifies Diseases and illness

Since the 6th house in astrology also signifies diseases and illness, it also rules over your eating habits and diet. It tells about your body area, which are prone to diseases and injuries. Not only that, but it also tells about your immune strength, how long you will take to recover from any injury or disease. All involvement of yours in wicked, sinful acts, disputes, conflicts, etc. were also seen through the sixth house.

If we talk about the job & profession, sixth house a lot to do with it. It represents how much you will gain through a job, how much luck you will get in the job. It also refers to your belief system, especially on the work front, like how much faith you have in your current job, whether you will feel comfortable doing a job or not, etc.

So, that’s all about the sixth house in astrology. We will talk about the seventh house in the next article.

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