Virgo Ascendant – Analytical, Useful & Nervous

After knowing about Leo Ascendant, we have now moved towards the Virgo Ascendant. Before we start, it’s important to understand about the Ascendant or the Rising Sign. Rising Sign or Ascendant is one of the essential Astrology factors that reveal how we present ourselves to others and how we respond to the world around us.

Virgo Ascendant / Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising
Virgo Rising

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and its an Earth sign. If you are a Virgo rising, you are likely to follow the slow and steady approach to live life. You will be loyal and stable, who would stick through the hard times.

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, which makes you intelligent, disciplined, and witty. You are a perfectionist and often called for your capable & analytical mind. The sense of perfection is high on you, and you want things to be perfect, clean, tidy, and as organized as possible.

You are quite an introvert by nature and usually have deep thoughts. Religious deeds, social services, etc. attracts you, and you never miss an opportunity to be a part of social welfare. You usually have a different mindset and think differently compared to other signs. The mental energies of yours play a crucial role in setting up your life.

Virgos Have The Strongest Observation Power

Virgos and their observation skills
Virgos and their observation skills

Being born with Virgo Ascendant, you approach the world via mental analysis. Virgos were blessed with strong observation powers. So, picking up things that others overlook is one of your secret talents.

Virgos are trustworthy, reliable, and purposeful. With Virgo rising, you need to have a sense of purpose in carrying out different things. For you, being useful is more important than being recognized. When the situation demands, you can take those few extra steps to assist your loved ones.

You might have some phobias related to health as you pay lots of attention to your physical health. It’s because you are highly sensitive towards any sign that your body gives. You will often see a Virgo Ascendant routinely doing physical exercises like Yoga to maintain their physical health. Such health concern nature also makes Virgos picky towards foods as well.

Unlike Leo, you don’t like to be in the limelight. Instead, you feel comfortable while working behind the scenes. You are not someone who would announce their achievements aloud. The self-centered Virgo also has a strong urge to be productive.

Such a positive mindset also makes you hardworking, consistent, and studios. You are perfectionists and want everything to be in order. It’s also because of the ruling planet, which gives the ability to think and execute.

Your skillful insights and broad-based knowledge also make you the best person to work with. When assigned with any job or task, you are the one to ensure that everything is perfect and on the track. You can do repetitive stuff with same energy level while maintaining the perfectionism.

Virgos Could Be Nervous

Virgos Could Be Nervous
Virgos Could Be Nervous

However, due to your skillful insights and broad-based knowledge, you often find yourself in a situation that requires making critical decisions. During such cases, you sometimes become nervous and start questioning yourself.

You often have insecure feelings, which force you to worry a lot. You become depressed when you fail to perform as per your own standards. These anxious feelings often break your rhythm and drag you in a critical situation. At a negative and depressing state, you tend to question yourself, which ultimately leads to a nervous breakdown.

If drawn towards critical situations where you need to make immediate decisions, you become too nervous. This thing leads to anxiety, and what’s worst is that your thought patterns, especially the negative ones, also affect the digestive system.

For Virgo Ascendant, happiness comes by creating a secure and stable environment in their life where everything is in order and perfect. If a Virgo ascendant is confused or critical about a certain situation or task, then its pretty evident that they are just summing up the errors before acting out their thoughts. This through analysis process might leave other people thinking that they are wasting time, but once time passes, other sign will recognize their analytical skills.

These people are also very generous and kind at heart. They might wear a mask of a strict man, but deep inside, they are sensitive. On Virgo, there’s also a tint of self-doubt, and they tend to doubt their abilities. For Virgo Ascendant, learning to praise, rather than criticizing their own abilities, is the best thing to do.

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