Sagittarius Moon Sign – Nature, Positive & Negative Traits

As we all know, Moon sign is the second most important influence in our horoscope chart after the Sun. Moon sign represents our emotions, our inner feelings. So, after knowing about the Scorpio moon sign, we have now moved to the Sagittarius Moon.

Sagittarius is a fire sign which is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius sign is represented by the symbol of a centaur with a bow and arrow. Since its a Fire sign, people born with this sign tend to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental.

Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, that means these natives will have an urge to change and explore different things. If we combine passion with variety & change, there’s a deep call for freedom.

So, people born with Moon in Sagittarius enjoy the most when they were left on their own. For example, these natives will enjoy roaming free – exploring the world. Those born in this sign are likely to be very optimistic, expansive and will have a positive outlook.

Moon in Sagittarius – Nature

Moon in Sagittarius - Nature
Moon in Sagittarius – Nature

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, those born with this sign are driven by the passion. Along with that, Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, means there’s a need for variety and change. So, these two things give Sagittarius borns a need for freedom and independence.

People born with this sign wants to travel, and they feel most comfortable roaming free. As long as they don’t feel caged or restricted, they are happy and easygoing folks. With Moon in Sagittarius, natives value their personal space, and there is a strong need for activity.

Anything which involves visiting new places, meeting new peoples, attracts Sagittarius borns. However, the urge for freedom is quite high on Sagittarius borns, and they tend to feel restless at times. They dislike certain scenarios where life becomes a routine work like doing the same job every day, eating the same thing every day, etc.

Forgetting about the appointments, paying the bills at time is a common thing for Sagittarius borns, but holding a grudge against a Sagittarius is never easy because they are incredibly cheerful and upbeat. These are the happy souls who sometimes makes childish errors.

The most positive thing about those born with Sagittarius Moon is that they have a unique ability to be positive even in extreme situations. You will hardly see a Sagittarius worrying about life, complaining about their current conditions, etc. These people love to take challenges, and they are optimistic by nature.

Sagittarius – Positive Traits

Sagittarius Moon Sign - Positive Traits
Sagittarius Moon Sign – Positive Traits

Those born with Sagittarius Moon have a strong feeling to learn and explore something new. Their love for learning is never-ending, and they feel that the world is expanding through the knowledge that they acquire. Along with that, their positive approach towards life helps them to give their best even in worst situations.

Since Sagittarius is a Fire sign, natives born with this sign are driven towards the passion and creative outlets. It was their love towards exploring different kinds of subjects makes them extremely intelligent & enthusiastic.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is a teacher itself. So, Sagittarius is also a sign of teacher, and they are one of the helpful spirits to have on life. Natives born with Moon in Sagittarius are incredibly generous and can help others in achieving their objectives.

Those born with this sign often have immense power and belief in themselves that motivates them to work hard and push themselves to the max. Along with that, they have an incredible sense to figure out what’s right and wrong for them. Since everything about Sagittarius is positive, they always look at the brighter side of the things.

Sagittarians are extremely honest as well. Their honest nature and straightforward approach toward life gain them lots of loyal friends. If they commit you something, be assured that they will try their level best to keep their words.

Moon in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

Moon in Sagittarius - Negative Traits
Moon in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

Those born with Sagittarius Moon Sign often tend to push the limits. In fact, they like to challenge themselves and take on new tasks. However, while doing so, they sometimes lose focus from the actual task which needs to be done.

Since they are highly positive, they are never afraid of taking huge risks. Although the risks that Sagittarius takes often leads to success, sometimes they take huge risks out of the thrills, which attracts criticism.

Sagittarians usually have a natural urge to discover more and more; sometimes, they just ignore the current task and starts thinking about the new one. Their optimistic nature often misinterpreted as impatience and bluntness.

People born with this sign have a strong urge to change and variety, these people don’t like to be caught up in routine works. When things get tough for Sagittarius born, especially on the routine front, they just run away. Since they love exploring new things, their interest toward any particular thing is often short-lived.

Those born with this sign are extremely honest and straightforward. People born with this sign tend to speak without thinking, which ultimately leads to awkwardness. They don’t even hesitate to speak the brutal truth even if it hurts the other one.

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