Virgo Zodiac Sign: Personality, Positive & Negative Traits

The six sign of the zodiac – Virgo is an Earth sign and is represented by a female virgin. The female virgin here doesn’t show the sexual purity, but rather a purity in their heart, intentions and desire to find a purpose. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and its an earth sign.

People born with this sign are smart, sophisticated, and kind. These are the people who get the job done without complaining anything about it. Since Virgo is an Earth sign, you can expect lots of motherly types of qualities and abilities from these individuals. These are the loving, caring, gentle and responsible people who usually have strict sets of rules.

Virgo Zodiac – Nature

Virgo Zodiac - Nature
Virgo Zodiac – Nature

These people can also be called as ‘Perfectionist’ because they seek for perfection on almost every work where they are involved. Virgos can look very calm on the surface, but deep inside, they have lots of things running on their mind. They are always after perfection and wants everything to be as clean as possible.

The another best trait of Virgo is their analytical mind which can see things in black and white, and Virgo will go through all minor details before making a decision. Not just that, but Virgos are also believed to be organized and most analytical of the zodiacs. You can also call them cleanliness freak because they usually wear clean clothes, keep their home and work desk clean and organized, etc.

When it comes to living a life, they usually have a methodical approach to life that ensures that they never leave a loophole behind. Individuals born with this sign often have a well-organized life and even if when they let go to chaos, they usually have their goals and dreams well-framed in their mind.

When it comes to the work & profession, natives born with this sign knows that good things only come after hard work. That’s why Virgos are one of the hard-working individuals that you can ever come across. To get things done, these are the natives who will sacrifice their night sleep.

Since they have a very analytical and methodical mind, they think deeply and these are the people who can find a way in almost all worse situations. These are also one of the helpful, reliable and trustworthy people to be a friend with and people born with this sign will be quick to point out your truest strengths and weakness.

Virgos are also one of the honest people to have at your workplace because they are most likely to follow the instructions. These people just enjoy being left in charge of situations and it makes them feels good. They simply don’t want to let anyone down. If you are in trouble or going through a critical situation of life, Virgos will be the first one to answer your call and will be the last one to leave your house.

Virgo Zodiac – Career

Virgo Zodiac - Career
Virgo Zodiac – Career

As we know, Virgos are methodical, sincere, and hard-working individuals who believe that success only comes after hard work and dedication. So, with this type of mentality, they usually get success on career front quite easily. They believe that work is not something that they do just to pass time, instead, they take their work as an extension of their personality.

Whether they are doing a job or own a business, people born with this sign always seek for perfection and they never stop until they achieve the target. They usually have certain types of goals set on their mind and they never look for alternate options until and unless they complete the first one.

These peoples are good team players and they don’t cause drama and they perform best while working alone. People born with this sign never feels comfortable where the situation demands constant changes and changing priorities. Since they have a very methodological and practical mind, they always seek for clear direction and expectations.

Because of their analytical mind, these natives have great potential to reach great heights in the profession where precision is given the utmost priority. Professions in Finance, Physics, Mathematics, Research, Investment, and Stock Market always turns out to be the favorite career choices for Virgo borns.

Virgo Negative Traits

Virgo Negative Traits
Virgo Negative Traits

One of the positive traits of Virgo is its excellent memory power. Such excellent memory often leads them to anxiety because they are more likely to think of an incident that happened 4 to 5 years ago and have no link to now. Since they have an analytical mind and they usually have a clear picture of every scenario on their mind, they sometimes tend to become overcritical and lose the entire plot.

Since they are blessed to capture the tiniest details, these people often lose peace of mind while solving any particular issue. Even if someone guides a Virgo to leave that thing and move on, the Virgo will not listen to them and will continue to trace the footprints until they resolve it.

These people overthink a lot and will constantly think about a situation where they did wrong. They will keep thinking about the wrong and will question themselves like ‘why i did that’, ‘i am definitely not a good person’, ‘how can i fix that’, etc.

When it comes to taking criticism, Virgos are not good at handling criticism. Since they have a very practical and rational mind, they believe that everything they are doing is right and they don’t easily accept their faults.

They are usually the hard working and extremely practical individuals, but at times they can be highly insecure as well. Sometimes, natives born with this sign look at the worst-case scenarios while ignoring the positives entirely. They tend to worry a lot about what the future holds for them.

These natives can be very judgemental as well because they can’t ignore little faults and mistakes of themselves and others as well. Since they always after perfection, these people are usually the first one to point someone’s weakness and strengths. Sometimes, this thing turns off other people leaving them annoyed and frustrated.

Interesting Facts Describing Virgo

  • The mind of these peoples are capable of finding solutions to complicated problems
  • These people are sensitive and emotional, but they don’t show it to the outer world
  • Unless and until Virgos feels right, they won’t move ahead.
  • They are always more interested in giving than receiving.
  • People born with Virgo sign often talk with themselves.
  • Natives born with this sign were aware of their faults. But, they hate when someone shows their faults.
  • These people often feel underappreciated.
  • Don’t ever try to underestimate a Virgo born. They can rise at an unexpected moment.
  • People born with this sign are the best homemakers

Famous People Born in Virgo Sign

Keanu Reeves, Kareena Kapoor, Blake Lively, Chris Pane, Akshay Kumar, Tom Hardy, Narendra Modi, Cameron Diaz, Mother Teresa, Paul Walker

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