Planet Moon In Astrology – Role Of Moon in the Birth Chart

After knowing about the planet Sun in astrology, we have now moved towards the Moon. As we know, Sun is all about royalty, and it represents our soul, Moon is all about how we react or respond to the problems that we deal with in our everyday life. Sun decides how we act, and the Moon determines how we react.

Moon In Astrology

Moon In Astrology
Moon In Astrology

You will meet two types of people in this world. The one with lots of wealth and good health, still complaining about dissatisfaction, and the other one with everything less, but still feels happy. This is all because of the placement and the strength of the Moon in the natal chart.

There’s a famous saying – What we think is what we become. This phrase is right because of the Moon. Moon represents our thought process, mind, and emotions. So, what we become is the result of our thought process, our state of mind, and our attitude.

While dealing with failures, let’s say you have two options left, the one is to quit, and the other one is to fight back. So, the person with the strong and well-placed Moon will follow their mind and emotions to fight instead of sitting back and giving up.

So, Astrologically, Moon holds lots of value. This is why Sun is considered as King and Moon as Queen in Astrology. On Hindu Mythology, women break their fast after looking at the Moon on the occasion of Karva Chauth.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered to be the most important planet, next to the Sun. Moon is your inner self, and it governs the emotions, mind, behavior, mood, instincts, temperament, feelings, etc. It’s a female planet in Astrology, and it signifies the Mother.

Moon Is Associated With The Mother

Moon Is Associated With The Mother
Moon Is Associated With The Mother

It’s a natural benefic planet, and if well placed, then it can give you great mental power. Since Moon is associated with the Mother and has the feminine energy, it represents the caring, compassionate, loving, and sensitive side of yours.

Moon is closest to the Earth, and individuals strongly felt its effects. The tendency to nurture, care, and love were actively seen in individuals having an active moon. A well placed and strong Moon in a natal chart makes the native a peace-seeking, compassionate, generous, imaginative, intuitive, and creative.

On the other hand, a weak or negatively placed moon makes the person depressed, restless, and fearful. Afflicted Moon sometimes also causes depressions, tensions, and a pessimistic attitude. Other signs of weakly placed or an afflicted moon is bad concentration, lack of focus, poor memory, etc.

Since everything about Moon is the emotions, nurturing qualities, beauty, any profession that requires beautifying or nurturing things is associated with Moon. Businesses in Makeup and Beauty, Cooking, interior design, etc. are all ruled by the Moon. Since Moon is connected to our thought process & how we think, people under the strong influence of Moon were found involved in astrology, therapy, healing, etc.

The element of Moon is Water, and every liquid comes under the influence of the Moon. The Moon is also associated with Milk, traveling abroad, medicines, change, gardens, and Salt. So, professions that are related to water like fishery, dairy, sailing, etc. are also well suited for a person with a strong Moon.

The Moon changes Zodiac signs every 2-3 days, and it rules the Zodiac Sign of Cancer. The friendly planets of Moon are Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and the enemy planets of Moon is Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. The Exalted sign of Moon is Taurus, and it’s debilitated in the Sign of Scorpio. The precious metal of the Moon is Pearl, and the gemstone is Pearl.

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