Planet Mercury In Astrology – Role Of Mercury in the Birth Chart

After knowing about Mars, we are now going to explore another Astrological planet – Mercury. According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury is recognized as the messenger of God, and it rules the zodiac sign of Virgo and Gemini.

Planet Mercury In Astrology

Planet Mercury In Astrology
Planet Mercury In Astrology

Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, and its nearest to the Sun. In Indian tradition, the planet mercury is known as ‘Budh’, and it rules Tuesday. Budh means Wisdom, and its the planet behind the day-to-day communication and expression.

While the Sun rules our self-expression, the planet mercury helps us to covert our self-expressions into words, either by speaking or writing. In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury represents your intelligence. Don’t confuse between intelligence and Mind here.

The Moon represents the Mind, but it doesn’t serve your intelligence. Let’s say, you have to solve a mathematical problem, the Moon will help you decide the way you think about the problem, but the ability to solve that problem comes through the Planet Mercury.

Mercury in Vedic Astrology represents the intelligence to gather or share information. It also describes how well you can deal with the information on hand like how well you can find clues, how well you can memorize, how you can utilize it well, etc. All forms of communications, whether it’s internet or mobile, is ruled by the planet Mercury.

While the Mind is represented by the Moon, it was the Mercury that keeps that Mind in the restless form and motion. Mercury is all about quick thinking, finding possibilities, opinions, quick wit, ability to find solutions, etc. Mercury is the inner you, who prompts you to move from one thing to the next.

Since communication sometimes welcomes short trips, Mercury rules travel as well. A short trip to your friend’s house, work meetings, weekends get-togethers, traveling for business, etc. are all within Mercury’s domain.

Mercury Signifies all online form of communications

Signifies all online form of communications
Signifies all online form of communications

It also represents speaking, writing, books, and online form of communications like emails. How you speak is also represented by the Mercury. In fact, the first impression that you get from others are most likely dictated by their Mercury Sign rather than Sun or Moon Sign.

In the professional fields, the planet represents the fields associated with commerce, trading, banking, computers, accounting, etc. So, a person with strong or well-placed Mercury can excel in these fields. Sharp thinking, intelligence, analytical abilities, the excellence of reasoning, good speech are the signs of well placed and strong Mercury.

On the negative side, a weak or afflicted Mercury can make a person indecisive, nit-picky, overly technical, and depressive. A poorly placed Mercury can give a person bad memory and can make a person stutter or stammer. It also represents the nervous system, so badly placed Mercury can invite health troubles like panic attacks, anxiety, etc.

Mercury takes approximately 25 days to orbit over one zodiac sign. The friendly planet of Mercury is Sun, Venus, Rahu, whereas the enemy planet is Moon. Mercury is Neutral towards Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The own sign of Mercury is Virgo and Gemini, and it’s exalted in Virgo.

The day of Mercury is Wednesday, and the color is Green & Light Green. The Precious gemstone of Emerald is Emerald. For more details about the Planet Mercury, check out the chart given below.

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