Planet Venus In Astrology – Importance of Venus in the Birth Chart

After knowing about the most auspicious planet Jupiter, we have now moved into the Venus. Venus is the second-closed planet to the Sun, and one can easily spot Venus in the north direction early in the morning or shortly after the sunset.

Planet Venus In Astrology

Venus In Astrology
Venus In Astrology

In Astrology, Venus plays an important role. It’s directly connected to love, money, and desires. It’s the planet that rules over our values, beauty, our desires, sentiments. Whenever we hear about the word ‘Venus’ in astrology, we refer it to ‘Love and Money’. Up to some extent, it’s correct, but what’s also right is that it also rules what we value, what type of pleasures we take in life, what are our sentiments, etc.

Thanks to Venus’s energies, we can identify and explore our desires, pleasures, tastes, and all other things in life that make us happy. It helps us to decide and pick the most beautiful things in our life like a lover, whom you will marry, what are the things that you will own, what type of food you will eat, etc.

Out desire to be rich, to own a bigger house, to have sensual pleasures, to get love – all these come from Venus. The energies of Venus drive towards things that are beautiful like a relationship, physical attraction, material comforts, marriage, happiness, etc.

Since Venus is a planet of relationship and finances, it also controls how we feel in the business partnership. Venus is a feminine planet, and it represents female characters other than mothers in our life like wife, girlfriend, co-workers, boss, etc.

Venus Energies Fills Love & Romance in our Life

Fills Love & Romance in our Life
Fills Love & Romance in our Life

It was the Venus energy that fills love and romance in our life. Not only that, but Venus also rules over the marriage. Unlike Mars, which is masculine energy and teaches to live for yourself, Venus being feminine energy, needs the opinion of others. For example, strong feminine energy would ask others about what do you think about the new dress, how am I looking today, what we need to do, etc.

The planet Venus also represents your luxurious life, not exactly the money, but what you do with the money like whether you will buy expensive clothes or settle with the normal one, buy an expensive car or book a cab, etc. So, it represents our lifestyle as well because it decides what you will do with the money.

Well-Placed Venus in the chart indicates happy & cheerful nature, compassion, selfless love, and care for others, beauty, affection, wealth, etc. At the same time, a too strong Venus in a chart indicates extreme sexual desires and materialist desires.

It rules Beauty and Arts

Rules Beauty and Arts
Rules Beauty and Arts

A strong Venus in the chart also indicates tendencies towards beauty and arts. A well placed and positive Venus can make you a great painter, dancer, or can take you towards the movie industry. The Venus itself regulates the movie industry in India, and that’s why movies were released every Friday.

A weak or negative Venus in a chart indicates a lack of physical appeal, immature behavior, lack of love in life, dissatisfaction in married life. When it comes to the body parts, Venus rules over eyes, nose, chin, throat, kidneys, bladders, and sexual organs. Negative Venus indicates problems in these body parts.

The planet Venus takes approximately 28 days to orbit on zodiac sign and about 11 months to orbit the whole zodiac. The color associated with Venus is white, and the precious stone is Diamond.

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