Taurus Zodiac Sign: Nature, Positive & Negative Traits

Out of all 12 Zodiac signs, Taurus is the second one, and it rules the second house. Unlike the first house which is all about self, the second house is all about the money and rewards. People born with Taurus signs always loves the rewards of the game. These peoples were usually well organized and are very successful in life compared to all other zodiacs.

The true nature of Taurus is slow and steady. Their approach is slow, deliberate and they avoid huge risks. Taurus natives are more practical than any other zodiacs. They love to do hard work and they never rely upon luck. These people like to do things in their own way and take their own time.

The ruler of this sign is Venus which is a planet of money, love, and beauty. So, the peoples born with Taurus sign love to surround themselves with worldly comforts and materialistic things. The Symbol of Taurus is Bull, and they share a few qualities of Bull like their stubborn nature.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Beauty with the brains’? You can apply the same sentence on Taurus natives. They are also the most good-natured person that you will ever meet.

Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits
Taurus Traits

Since the ruler of Taurus is Venus, they were born with the quality to save money. They are not someone who would earn and spend; instead, they earn and save, and that’s why Taureans never fail to accumulate a good amount of wealth. Another thing is that, unlike Aries, Taureans doesn’t like changes and they will never hesitate to do repetitive work. This quality makes them a great employee who isn’t afraid of doing whatever is necessary.

These people have lots of patience, and they will comfortably do repetitive works for years until they feel like to change. Taurus is also one of the most reliable zodiacs, and they will never let you down. These people tend to give more priority to the tasks on hand rather than looking elsewhere. This is why lots of people depend on Taurus because this zodiac puts in their 100% to get things done.

Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, these natives love money, and they will do everything that requires to earn money. They are calm and focused, and they will firmly stick to the assigned project no matter what happens in the world around them. Another notable thing of Taurus natives is that they always like to improve and these guys enjoy testing their skills & strength on the field of play. They also have organizational skills and they are good at managing finances. These peoples are often a great financial advisor as well.

People born with Taurus sign were usually loyal and will do anything for their friends and family. These people’s friendship starts at childhood and lasts for a lifetime. However, they are little bit shy and feels uncomfortable with new people. Just like a bull, they are extremely strong, and they can survive extreme conditions. When it comes to love, these peoples are usually very loyal with their partners and guess what Taurus peoples have most successful love marriages.

Taurus & Luxury

Taurus & Luxury
Taurus & Luxury

Since the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, these peoples are more prone to the materialistic world. Taureans usually want to live a luxurious life and they give more value to the worldly things. People born with Taurus sign often have a big house, multiple vehicles, lots of golds, enjoys fine foods, comfortable furniture, enjoys beautiful music.

These people don’t like living a life without beauty. Taurus is also an Earth sign which means these people loves everything related to nature. For example, Taureans would prefer to enjoy nature’s grace rather than watching a movie. These people like to be calm and will always visit places that relaxes the mind.

Since Venus is the planet of love, attraction, beauty, money, this sign is also known for its creativity. During their spare time, Taureans love to explore the creative world. These natives are often an excellent cook, lover, gardener, and artist. Yes, I forgot to mention that they are foodies as well and they love tasting new foods.

Taurus Negative Traits

Taurus Negative Traits
Taurus Negative Traits

Just like all other zodiacs, Taureans do have some negative sides which they usually kept in the dark. They have a strong urge to love and romance, and even if they don’t get love in life, they don’t show their desires to the outer world. Just like that, these people often hide their feeling to the outer world due to their shy nature.

Taureans are usually very loyal and reliable and have loyal friends. However, they can be jealous, possessive and self-conscious. Since Taurus is also a fixed sign, these people can be unbelievably stubborn and inflexible. For example, even if they don’t know how to ride a bike, they will ride it no matter how many stitches they get.

Since the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, Taureans sometimes get too caught in luxurious things. They usually don’t run short of money, but even if they fall short, they never think twice to spend on unnecessary things. Another thing is that since they value money, these people often confuse the price of thing with real value.

Taurus Natives are great food lovers and they love to taste new foods. Sometimes they overeat which leads to obesity. They don’t have much control over what they eat. These people have their own plans to follow which they follow it comfortably. However, Taurus people often tend to get stuck on their own opinions leading to nowhere.

Important Facts That Describes Taurus Peoples

  • You can’t force a Taurus to agree on anything. They usually follow their own instinct when it comes to taking a decisionTaurus natives usually follow their feelings rather than their thoughts
  • Taurus natives are the most sincere, loyal and genuine friends.
  • It’s said that Taurus speaks only two things – Sarcasm & Rudeness.
  • Taurus peoples are more stubborn than any other zodiacs.
  • The people born with Taurus Sign usually hate drama. In fact, they avoid peoples who create drama.
  • Taurus people always looks calm and composed, even if they are heated inside.
  • The people born with this sign never hesitates to say the cruelest truth.
  • Want to keep your secret safe? Tell it to the Taurus.
  • Taurus natives are not good at telling lies. In fact, they find it difficult to fit in the world of lies.
  • Taurus people usually have an unshakable faith in themselves that they will manage even if he/she is hitting rock bottom.
  • People born with this sign usually stay up late every night, regret about it in the morning and repeats the same thing every day.

Famous People With Taurus Sun Sign

George Clooney, Mark Zuckerberg, Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavill, William Shakespeare, David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar, Kirsten Dunst, Amber Heard, Andy Murray

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