Gemini Zodiac Sign: Nature, Traits, Love & Romance

We are into the third sign of the zodiac that’s Gemini and since it rules the third house. It’s an airy sign and the ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury. Those born with this sign are known for their thinking and intellectual. Ruling the third house, Gemini born natives were known for their communication skills.

Do you have a friend of yours who is expressive, humorous and intelligent, then check out he might be Gemini. These peoples never fail to impress other peoples with their wit and humor and they have brilliant communication skills. Since Gemini rules the third house which is the house of communication, intelligence, short journeys, they are quick thinkers and expressive.

Gemini has the Twins Symbols and this is why Gemini born natives always have a dual personality. With a dual personality, I mean they can consider negatives and positives at the same time when it comes to addressing an issue.

Gemini Traits

Gemini Traits
Gemini Traits

The mind of people born with this sign always wants to do something new and unique. They always want to have new experiences in life like meeting new people, visiting a different place, developing new skills, etc. They are very creative and their minds are usually full of unique ideas and their never hesitates to try their hands on diverse things.

Since the symbol for Gemini is the Twins, they were never satisfied with one thing. For example, they always want a dual income source, dual hobby, dual smartphones, multiple skills, etc. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, so these natives are usually very energetic and clever and they never get stuck in the past.

Gemini borns are usually very enthusiastic by nature, and they always look to accomplish new and interesting things. Since Gemini rules the third house, these natives were blessed with excellent communication skills and they can make you say ‘Yes!’ for everything. When it comes to business, they usually have excellent marketing skills.

The element of Gemini is Air, so these peoples are concerned with matters of the mind. With that what we mean is that people born in this sign are highly intelligent and skillful they can figure out a solution for every problem. Gemini borns were also blessed with high emotional intelligence and they can read other people’s mind quite easily.

Gemini borns prefer smart work over hard work. Unlike Taurus, Gemini borns never love to do repetitive work because their mind is always full of creative ideas and they want to do new things every day. These peoples are often a very successful businessman because they are creative, skillful and the most important thing is they work according to the current trend.

Gemini Love & Romance

Gemini Love & Romance
Gemini Love & Romance

If you are looking for a life partner who loves to visit new places, loves to try new foods, loves to do adventurous things, then you can trust on Gemini. Since Gemini borns are full of ideas and they always like to do unique things. They will never bore you; instead, they will make you laugh by cracking humorous jokes.

When it comes to romance, it’s a sheer pleasure to romance a Gemini-born because there’s lots of adventure and fun elements attached to it. However, on the negative side, they can break your heart before they settle. Gemini borns often have multiple partners and they rarely settle with the first love.

The Problem with Gemini borns is that they have so many sides to their personality which makes it’s hard to find that one person who’s suitable with all. Don’t get me wrong, but Geminis are meant for long-term commitments, but it’s usually after a series of love affairs that end as quickly as they start.

Once Gemini finds their perfect soulmate, they can be unbelievably loyal and can do everything for their partner. Still, they always expect freshness and uniqueness on their relationship.

Gemini Negative Traits

Gemini Negative Traits
Gemini Negative Traits

As we know, having lots of power sometimes destroys its charm and this is what usually happens with Gemini born. Their sharp and intelligent mind sometimes makes it hard to focus on the project that they start. They start a new project, suddenly another idea strikes and they run towards the new one leaving the old one unfinished.

Since the symbol for Gemini is the Twins and they got the natural ability to see both sides of the story, this thing creates lots of problem with decision making. They will either think so much about it or will take the wrong decision.

The people born with this sign always like to do new things and they dive into multiple ventures at the same time. This shows a lack of direction and focus, and they quickly get bored while doing repetitive things.

Since they have the most active mind, they sometimes bite off more than they can chew. For example, before jumping into a new project, they figure out the positives and negatives on their mind. But, while figuring out, they make simple things more complicated leading to depression.

Gemini borns usually have a friendly nature and they can make you laugh. However, they don’t like to express themselves emotionally which leads to isolation.

Important Facts That Describe Gemini Peoples

  • These natives can spot little things about a person that usually other miss.
  • A person born with this sign usually pays attention to what people do rather than what they speak.
  • Gemini people can spot liars in a matter of seconds.
  • These peoples have high standards and they will admit when they are wrong.
  • People born with this sign suffer from moodiness, but they hide it from their friends and family.Want to impress Gemini people? Make them laugh!
  • Gemini doesn’t have room for any irrelevancy in their life. So, if they think you don’t matter, you simply don’t!
  • In this modern world, Gemini People still likes to talk face-to-face rather than texting or calling.
  • Gemini peoples secretly hide their emotions.

Famous Gemini Celebrities


Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Natalie Portman, Iggy Azalea, Kendrick Lamar, Azealia Banks

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