Direction for the Staircase according to Vastu Shastra

A staircase is a pathway that allows us to step from a ground level to a higher level area and from a higher level area to a ground-level area, in a similar way according to Vastu shastra staircase can be a cause of lifting you to the heights of financial success and it can also be the cause for the downfall of your career depending on the placement of the staircase.

What is the best direction for the staircase?

A staircase is an immovable heavy object, according to Vastu shastra all heaviest thing should be in the south or west direction and all lightweight thing should be in the North and East directions so the best direction for having a staircase is
Southwest, South and West as shown in the image above

Facing and starting of the staircase

According to Vastu staircase should start from east to West direction or it can start from north and end in the south direction

The rotation of the staircase according to Vastu

A staircase should always rotate in a clockwise direction, which means whenever you are climbing a staircase you should be taking right turns only, this is considered very important because the rotation of a staircase increases and decreases the energy of that particular direction. The clockwise rotation enhances the energy of that area and the anticlockwise rotation decreases the energy of that area.

No of steps in a staircase

The no of steps should be in odd no example 7,9,11,13,15,17…

Result for having a staircase in the wrong direction

North – According to Vastu, the north direction represents cash flow, career opportunity, and financial growth so having a staircase in the north direction may cause blockages of finance.

Northeast– The northeast direction represents Eshyana Kon that is god’s corner so the divine energy this direction emits keeps a person down to the earth help eliminating ego and delusion. This direction also represents the water element so having a heavy thing like a staircase in this direction will cause blockage to the water element resulting in loss of mental peace and health-related issues.

East– Now the east direction is ruled by Lord sun and the sun is considered the king of all planets, hence this direction shows growth, reputation, and respect. So having a staircase in this direction can cause a loss of reputation, decline in fame.

Southeast-The southeast represents Aagne Kon , which is the fire-related element in Vastu, this direction also shows the fire inside you for achieving something, dedication, etc, so having a staircase in this direction can cause a delay in work, procrastination and unwanted expenditure.

Southwest– The South West is a good direction for having a staircase but having a staircase in the southwest represents that you don’t have your master bedroom in this direction, due to that reason you may face obstacles in career.

Northwest– The Northwest direction represents air element, the relationship between the overall members of the house or office, married couples are checked looking at this direction. so having a staircase in this direction can cause personal problems between couples, if it is an office then there will be an unhappy relationship between the employs and when people are in such a state where they can keep a relationship healthy it can cause legal problems also.
Bramhasthan ( Center if the House) – The Brahmasthan or the center are of the house or office should never have a staircase, in fact, the Brahmasthan should be as light as possible no heavy thing should be in this area because this area represents the epicenter of energy collected from all four corners, so having a heavy thing like a staircase in this area will block the energy flow and cause frequent problems in all parts of life.


Toilet, kitchen, puja room, study area, or sitting arrangements should not be there below the staircase, because a staircase is called a stairwell it has the capability to increase or decrease the energy of the area wherever it is built accordingly and the above room are entitled to specific direction with utmost importance in Vastu Shastra, however, you can have a storage area below the staircase or keep it blank.

Stairs should not be exactly in front of the main door, for example, the stairs should not be directly visible from the outside of the entrance because a staircase is also a lifter of energy because according to Vastu shastra it acts as a pathway for the energy to travel from one floor to another so having a staircase directly in front of the entrance which is another pathway of energy can make the house vulnerable to negative energies.

Stairs should not be visible directly straight from the kitchen door.
Stairs should not be directly visible straight from any bedroom.
Circular and spiral stairs should be avoided.

Avoid black or any dark color stairs or stairs made up of stones of black color, always prefer light color for stairs.


If your Staircase is in any of this wrong direction mentioned above then you can follow some effective and wonderful Vastu remedies which will effectively nullify the negative impact to a certain level.

If you don’t have any space in the south or west direction for building a stair and you need to build it in the north or east direction then you can try building lighter stairs made up of wood and it will be better if you have floating stairs it will decrease the negative impact to 60%.

If you already have a staircase in the wrong direction then you can place a Vastu pyramid which is considered very effective in absorbing negative energy, please note that the bigger the pyramid is the better results will be.

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