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Libra Ascendant - Fair, Understanding & Indecisive

Libra Ascendant – Fair, Understanding & Indecisive

by gemsyogi

In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant is considered one of the crucial factors. So, what’s ascendant? It’s a sign which rises in the sky when you are born. Ascendant or Rising sign shows how others see us and how we project ourselves to the world.

Libra Ascendant / Libra Rising

Libra Rising

Libra Rising

After knowing about Virgo, we have now moved to the Libra Ascendant. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and its represented by the scales of Justice. The ruler of Libra is Venus, and its an airy sign.

For Libra Ascendant, life becomes a series of choices. They can see things from different points of view. Therefore, carefully picking up the options becomes the most important thing for those born with Libra Rising.

Libra is an Air sign which is all about action, ideas, and motions. Air sign is also related to equality & fairness. So, with Libra, we can expect individuals to be fair in all their dealings. Also, the symbol which represents the astrological symbol of Libra is the scales of Justice, so this thing also makes Libra Ascendant fair-minded.

Being an Air sign, Libra born individuals are excellent thinkers, and they are known for their creativity. A Libra Rising can quickly grab new concepts or ideas which others don’t even think of.

Libra Needs a Partner

Libra's don't feel comfortable alone

Libra’s don’t feel comfortable alone

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which is associated with relationship and connection. So, in Libra Ascendant, there’s always an urge to have someone around. With that, we don’t mean that they are dependent, but its because they don’t feel comfortable alone.

You will find Libra ascendant natives changing the relationship from time to time. Relationship & Strong connections become the key thing for libra ascendant because they feel a sense of security in it.

Being fair-minded, Libra rising has excellent space for peace and Justice. They are excellent at finding key things and settling arguments. Due to their unbiased judgment, other sign trusts Libra Ascendant to solve crucial matters.

Another thing about Libra Ascendant is that they tend to become highly convincing, especially if they want to win others over. Also, in Libra, there’s a desire to be liked, and they follow the ‘sweet guy/gal’ approach to please others. Their charming and friendly nature also contributes a lot to attract peoples.

Libras can be Indecisive

Libra Borns Could Be Indecisive

Libra Borns Could Be Indecisive

Since they have the natural ability to see things from various points of view, and they have a strong sense of right and wrong, Libra Ascendant finds it challenging to decide which course of action is best for them. Making a decision is a tough thing for Libra Ascendant, and due to this, they also tend to change their mind.

It’s also seen that due to their desire to be liked and willing to please others, they often make the wrong decision. Look, relationship & strong connections are essential for Libra Ascendant, and to keep that thing running, they can do whatever they can, including trusting wrong persons, making a wrong decision, etc.

Those born with Libra Ascendant also struggles while openly displaying what they want. The inability to choose what they wish to also lead to frustration and Libra can be easily imposed upon by others. Librans need to understand that it’s not fair to agree with everyone to get their approval. Other signs admire you because of your fairness and unbiased opinions, so dealing with peoples with wrong intentions just to get their consent doesn’t make sense.

Libra is also a sign of partnership, so in this sign, there is always an urge to partner up. Through partnership & relationship, Libra ascendant learns how to assert themselves, to adjust to others and how to stick with the principles.

If we talk about the Love life, Librans knows well how to create that ‘magical’ atmosphere in a relationship. Since they got the natural ability to see things from a different point of views, Librans knows exactly what changes they have with their love. Once met with the love of life, they can make lots of compromises just for the sake of happiness.

Usually, Libra Ascendant doesn’t seek out leadership or authoritative positions on the career front. Instead, they perform at their best as a team member. Elegance and diplomacy are always there in the workplace, but they are often better at starting than finishing.

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