Pearl Stone (Moti) – Astrological Importance, Benefits & Price

Pearl, also known as Moti, is a pretty famous gemstone. Just like every other Astrological gemstone, Pearl is also suggested by healers and astrologers to solve a wide range of planetary problems.

Pearl stones are often used by celebrities, athletes to enhance the power of the Moon in the natal chart. The stone holds lots of values, and it’s one of the most important stones in Vedic Astrology.

The gemstone is pretty famous here in India, and it’s called Moti. In some regions, it’s also known as Mukta, Moktim, Induratna, and Shairatna. Apart from Astrology, it’s also used for jewelry purposes as it looks classy.

The stone is pretty popular amongst all ages of women, and it’s available in different shapes, shades, and forms. It looks good, and it can be worn in various types of jewelry items.

Pearl Stone Properties

Pearl Stone Properties
Pearl Stone Properties

Unlike all other gemstones which are found by mining the earth’s crust, Pearls are found in ocean beds. Pearls are extracted from a shelled mollusk, and it’s mostly calcium carbonate. The refractive index of Pearl or Moti is between 1.530 – 1.685, and it has the hardness of 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs Scale.

The specific gravity of Pearl stone is between 2.65 – 2.85. The stone is available in different shades – White, Pink, Silver, Cream, Green, Blue, Golden, Black, etc. and it’s not a transparent stone.

Astrological Importance of Pearl / Moti

Just like every other planetary gemstone, Peal also holds lots of astrological value. It’s the stone related to the Planet Moon. To understand the influence of Moti in one’s life, one needs to understand the Moon.

As per Vedic Astrology, Moon represents your inner self, and it governs the emotions, mind, behavior, mood, instinct, and feelings. So, the stone is said to be linked with these things.

Astrologers suggest Pearl or Moti either to enhance the power of Moon or to deal with certain wrongs in a natal chart. Pearl is also associated with third-eye chakra, which represents higher consciousness.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone / Pearl Stone Benefits

Pearl Stone Benefits
Pearl Stone Benefits

Pearl Gemstone, if suited perfectly, can do wonders. It’s the gemstone of Planet Moon, which signifies your emotions, family life, mind, feelings, and lots of other essential things. So, wearing a Pearl will grant you better mind control, treat mental problems, improved focus, and more.

The stone is often suggested to people suffering from depression, indecisiveness, tensed mind, insomnia, and instability in life. Since Moon also rules over our feelings and emotions, wearing a pearl will also help in controlling the anger.

An astrologer might also suggest your Pearl or Moti if you have a weak moon in your natal chart. It’s said to remove the ill effects of the Moon and helps in reducing the discomforts during sleep.

The stone is said to be very beneficial for ladies as it increases their beauty and facial luster. Moti is also said to enhance the love and affection between lovers or marriage partners.

Since it improves the concentration power, Pearl gemstone is also beneficial to students who want to clear academic exams. Wearing this stone also helps to cure health problems like constipation, heart problem, eye trouble, dysentery, etc.

It’s also believed that wearing a Pearl stone can help you achieve desired fame and respect. Also, the stone is said to bring good fortune to the wearer. It’s worth to note that the benefits of Pearl can vary depending on the Moon’s placement in one’s chart. So, one needs to analyze the birth chart to know the most accurate details.

Who Should Wear Pearl Stone?

Who Should Wear Pearl Stone
Who Should Wear Pearl Stone

There’s a popular misconception that everyone can wear Pearl / Moti to calm their mind and improve concentration power. In fact, lots of people wear this stone without analyzing their birth charts. But, It’s never recommended to wear Pearl without having astrological consultation.

If the Planet Moon is malefic in your birth chart, then pearl can be damaging as it affects your mindset. Now, let’s move to the main question – who can wear Pearl? Well, anyone who has Moon favorable in the chart and without any harsh aspect can wear this stone.

If you have proper Moon placement, then you can wear it to get better mind control, improve focus, etc. Astrologers also suggest Pearl to those suffering from depression and a pessimist attitude. Pearl gemstone can also be used during the favorable Moon’s Mahadasha and Antardasha to reap maximum benefit.

Lot’s of Astrologers suggests that Scorpio, Cancer and Aries Ascendant natives can wear this stone. However, we recommend you to always have astrological consultation before purchasing or wearing Pearl or any other gemstone.

Who Should Not Wear Pearl / Moti?

Anyone who has a malefic Moon in a birth chart should avoid Pearl gemstone. Gemstones were meant to enhance the power of the planet; they don’t make any planet favorable. Let’s say, you have a malefic moon and running a Mahadasha/Antardasha of it, then you should avoid it at any cost.

It’s also worth to note that astrologers suggest gemstone after proper analysis of the birth chart. So, it’s always better to consult any expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

Origins of Natural Pearls / Moti

Popular origins of Pearls
Popular origins of Pearls

Pearls were found in lots of regions. Some of the famous places where the best quality pearl stones are found are as follows –

India: In India, the pearl is known as ‘Moti’. The majority of pearl stones in India were found in the Bay of Bengal. The stones looked like the cultured ones, but they are natural. It’s also found in Bihar, but the quality is quite inferior.

Mexico: The Pearl stones were also found in Mexico, and they have a dusky color. The quality is quite inferior, but it’s suggested by the astrologers

Srilanka: Sri Lanka is also one of the popular origins of Pearl Stone. The Pearl stones is known as ‘Kahil Moti,’ and they have a bright color. Also, the weight of the stones was also low compared to other origins. However, the Kahil Moti looks elegant and beautiful.

Venezuela: Pearls found in Venezuela were known as ‘Basra Moti’ or ‘Basra Pearl’ in India. The stones have a fantastic glow, and it looks attractive.

Apart from that, Pearls were also found in Mexico, Australia, the Persian Gulf, etc.

Natural vs. Cultured Pearls

To be honest, Natural Pearls are rare and expensive. Most of the Pearls available on the market were cultured. In Cultured Pearls, a tiny bead is placed inside the oyster. Over time, the oyster covers the small bead in many layers known as nacre. The nacre is what gives pearls the natural shine and color.

Cultured Pearls loses some of the astrological points since it’s cultivated. There’s very less result or less benefit of a cultured pearl when it comes to astrological solutions. Anyways, if you don’t have a budget to purchase an expensive natural pearl, then you can consider it’s substitute like Moonstone, Blue Sheen Moonstone, etc.

Natural Pearl Stone Price

Pearl Stone Price
Pearl Stone Price

The price of Pearl stone varies depending on the type. For instance, the natural one starts at Rs 100 per carat and can go beyond Rs 100,000 per carat. The critical factor in evaluating the price of a pearl is whether it’s natural or cultured.

Once evaluated, the price is later decided based on the Luster, shape, surface quality, color, size, and nacre thickness. The carat weight also plays a vital role in price evaluation because larger pearls are rare.

Next, comes the treatment. Yes, Pearls were also treated to enhance luster and quality. However, the treated one loses almost 70% of the astrological value.

So, to attain the best results from Pearl, one should purchase a natural one. Natural one might be expensive, but it’s all worth it. Please keep in mind that cultured pearls loose almost 40% of the astrological value.

What Should be the ideal weight of Pearl / Moti?

According to the Astrologer, one should wear a gemstone of 1 Ratti per 12 Kg (Body Weight). This is the most recommended calculation, which is suggested by expert astrologers. For instance, if your weight is 80 Kg, then you should be wearing 80/12 = 6.6 Ratti.

That’s a fair equation, but astrologer might suggest you different weight by looking at your horoscope. Overweight and underweight gemstones do have few adverse effects. So, to evaluate the ideal Pearl weight, one should consider the suggestion of a known astrologer.

How To Wear Pearl Stone (Procedure)

Procedure of wearing moti
Procedure of wearing moti

If you are wearing Pearl gemstone for astrological purposes, then you should follow some procedures. Firstly, you should give appropriate care and respect to the stone to attain the best results. The stone should be embedded in a ring or in a pendant set with silver.

The best day to wear Pearl is Monday during Shukla Paksha. On Monday, place the ring inside of a metal bowl. Add Ganga Jal, Indian Basil (Tulsi Leaves), Cow’s milk (unboiled), honey and Ghee inside the bowl and recite the given mantra 108 times –

“Om Sumaye Namah”
“Om Chandraya Namah”

You can recite any of the given mantra 108 times. Once done, take out the ring from the bowl and wear it on the little finger. Pray to lord for the blessings and better wellbeing.

If the gemstone is of good quality and natural, then you will get results within 45 to 60 days of wearing, and don’t forget to clean your stone at regular intervals.

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