Opal Stone – Astrological Benefits, Importance & Price

As we all know, each planet in astrology has its stone. For instance, Ruby is for Sun, Pearl is for Moon, etc. Just like that, Planet Venus also has a specific stone known as Diamond. Diamonds were widely used for fashion and astrology purposes.

However, Diamonds are expensive, and not everyone can afford it. That’s why Opal is suggested for Venus, and it’s a substitute for Diamond. Although, astrologers can suggest White Sapphire as a substitute for Diamond, the most affordable and effective one is Opal.

Opal is Worn to improve which planet?

Opal Stone
Opal Stone

Just like every other gemstone, Opal is also associated with an astrological planet. It’s linked with Planet Venus, and astrologers might suggest an Opal for various reasons. Mostly, Opal is suggested to improve the influence of Planet Venus in the wearer’s chart.

The Planet Venus in astrology is said to deal with luxuries, comforts, love, romance, wealth, beauty in one’s life. So, wearing an Opal would help you to boost the positivity of these sections in your life.

Opal stone is also suggested to deal with certain wrongs or to maximize the positive influence of Planet venus in your natal chart.

Who should wear an opal stone?

Anyone who can’t afford an expensive Diamond stone can wear Opal as a substitute. Although it’s a substitute stone of Diamond, it’s highly recommended by the astrologers. The stone represents Planet Venus, and it’s worn to boost the positive effects of Planet Venus.

According to the Vedic astrology, Opal can be worn by anyone who is born under Libra and Taurus sign. However, a certified astrologer’s suggestion is vital before purchasing and wearing this stone.

Since the stone represents Planet Venus, which is a planet of Beauty, Financial prosperity, love, physical well-being, wearing this stone without seeking astrologer’s help can invite a crisis.

Is Opal an equally powerful stone as a diamond?

No, Opal is not as powerful as Diamond, but the astrologers highly recommend it. It’s not that Opal doesn’t deliver the result, it surely does so, but it takes some more time to deliver results than Diamond.

Both of the gemstones delivers the same things. In some instances, Opal can provide even better results if it’s of good quality. If you are living in India, then the famous Opal is White Opal.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing an Opal stone

Benefits of Wearing an Opal stone
Benefits of Wearing an Opal stone

Just like every other planetary gemstone, Opal has immense effects on the wearer. The stone is no less than Diamond, and it serves well for astrology purposes.

The first and foremost benefit of Opal is that the stone is said to improve the effects of Planet Venus in one’s life. The stone is highly effective in Mahadasha/Antardasha of Venus.

Venus is the planet of Love and beauty. So, wearing this stone provides the desired satisfaction in relationship and marriage. It’s said to improve the relationship by improving the understanding between the partners.

Opal stone is said to spark passion in the life of the wearer. By sparking the passion, it makes the wearer more calm, happier, and beautiful from an inside. The stone is also said to increase creativity, and it brings good fortune.

The stone is said to give you an attractive personality that others will admire. It’s a stone that helps to maintain a good status and reputation in society. If your life lacks luxurious items like vehicles, homes, etc., then wearing opal might benefit you.

If you are facing constant losses in import/export business or any business related to art, beauty, or jewelry, then wearing an Opal might help you in reducing the losses. Astrologers often suggest Opal to people who were engaged in fields related to Planet Venus.

The gemstone is said to create a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. By creating the balance, it provides a neuro-stability to its wearer, which promotes speedy recovery from shaky hands or Parkinson’s disease.

Apart from that, wearing an Opal gemstone also helps to cure a few other health problems related to throat, spleen, pancreas, reproductive organs, etc. Astrologers also suggest Opal stone, especially the Pink one to those who go through severe headaches related to migraines.

Which is the best quality Opal?

Origins of Opals
Origins of Opals

Well, the quality of Opal stone depends on a wide range of factors. The origin, color, fire pattern, the visibility of fire, transparency, etc. all decided the quality factors of Opal stone.

Opals were found in different countries across the world like Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Australia, U.S, etc. However, the Australian Opals are more popular and were known for their fire visibility.

The color also plays a vital role while evaluating the quality of an Opal stone. Opals were available in different colors like Blue Opal, Green Opal, Pink Opal, Black Opal, etc. Different colors were used to treat different things in charts. However, for astrological purposes, the white opal with fire is considered the most valuable.

The excellent quality Opals should be of Pure white color, and it should have visible fires. The brightness and visibility of fires also play an essential role while picking up a useful Opal.

Opal Stone Price

Just like the quality, the price of Opal stone might vary a lot. In the end, it all comes to origin, color, clarity, fire visibility, and weight. The Ethiopian Opal are the economic ones, and the prices start at Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per carat. Similarly, the Australian Opals were the most popular, but they could be expensive.

The Australian Opal (Premium) comes under the Price range of Rs 700 to Rs 5000 per carat. After the origin, next comes the clarity. The price of Opal stone reduces due to the presence of milky clouds in the background. The transparent one without any cloudiness would cost more than the one with a cloudy background.

The inclusions in transparent one also reduce the price of the Coral gemstone. Treatments were also used on Opal Stones to remove the inclusions, but the treated ones reduce some astrological values.

How To Wear Opal Gemstone?

Procedure of wearing opal gemstone
Procedure of wearing opal gemstone

To attain the best results from any gemstone, one needs to activate the gemstone first. So, if an astrologer has suggested you wear Opal stone, then you need to follow the activation procedure.

The opal should be set in silver or gold ring/pendant and it must be worn in the index finger. The best day to wear Opal is Friday during the Shukla Paksha or Waxing Moon.

To activate the gemstone, keep the gemstone in a bowl having curd, honey, Gangajal, and Tulsi leave. Next, burn some incense sticks and ask the Lord for better wellbeing. You need to recite the given mantra 108 times before wearing the stone –

“Om Shum Shukraya Namaha”

After the recitation of the mantra, wear the ring in your working hand. You will be getting the benefits of stone within 45-60 days. Make sure to clean your stone at regular intervals to attain the best results over a longer period of time.

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