Ruby Gemstone or Manik Stone – Importance, Benefits & Price

You might have seen lots of celebrities wearing rubies. Not just celebrities, but you might have seen your friends or family member wearing a ruby stone. So, what’s the role of Ruby gemstone in our lives? Some might say that it looks good, and they wear it as vanity, but the truth is that the stone holds lots of astrological values.

Ruby or Manik gemstone is just a variety of corundum (Aluminium oxide). The color of ruby might vary depending upon the quality, but mostly it has the Pure red hue or Pigeon’s Blood color. The color tone of the stone decides the effectiveness of Vedic astrology.

Natural Ruby Stone and sapphires are both a form of corundum. However, the thing that makes rubies different from sapphires are their colors, availability, and price. Ruby or Manik has few impurities of chromium that causes the corundum to turn Red. That’s why if the sapphire is red, it’s called Ruby, and all other colors of corundum are known as Sapphire.

Physical Properties of Ruby/Manik Gemstone

As we all know, Ruby is a form of the mineral corundum. It’s the same mineral that is found on sapphires. Corundum is one of the durable minerals on Planet earth. Ruby or Manik is a durable stone that has the hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs Scale.

For those who are interested to know the chemical formula of ruby stone, it’s Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide). The refractive index of Manik stone is 1.766-1.774, and its specific gravity is 3.9 – 4.1.

Astrological Importance of Ruby/Manik Gemstone

In Vedic astrology, Ruby gemstone holds lots of value. The stone represents the Planet Sun and shares lots of his characteristics. Since it’s a stone that represents the King, it’s considered as the King of gemstones.

In Astrology, Ruby stone represents love, health, wisdom. It’s said to bring the charm and spark back in human nature. The stone is either used to enhance the power of the Sun or to deal with certain wrongs in a natal chart. The astrological importance of Ruby largely depends on the individual chart.

Ruby Stone Benefits / Manik Stone Benefits

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

It’s the stone that represents the superior and the head of the planetary family – Sun. Sun plays a vital role in one’s life. It’s the one that decides your leadership skills, decision-making skills, will power, confidence, wealth, etc.

Ruby stone is linked with the Manipura chakra. Wearing this stone unlocks this chakra and grants the wearer with a greater sense of responsibility, awareness, spark, and leadership skills.

So, the stone grants the wearer immense leadership skills. It enhances the wearer’s decision-making abilities, and it boosts the confidence level. It actually brings out the true spark and charm in the wearer’s personality.

It boosts the creativity, wisdom, love of the wearer, and it also helps develop the mind power. On the health front, Ruby stone improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Its also said that Ruby stone has the potential to cure heart-related troubles.

It regulates the blood pressure and promotes regular menstrual cycle. Since it’s the stone that represents the leadership and confidence, it also helps resolve various conflicts.

In Vedic astrology, it’s also believed that Manik stone also makes enemies weaker, and it improves the relationship with one’s father and grandfather. It’s the stone that clears the confusion and promotes clear vision.

Who should wear Ruby stone?

First of all, let me clear you one thing. Ruby or Manik Ratna is associated with Sun. Sun is the father of the entire planetary system. So, it has a strong impact on one’s life. Yes, you can wear Ruby stone, but only if any expert astrologer suggests you.

Now let’s come to the answer to the main question – Who should wear ruby gemstone? Well, anyone who are creative and searching for name and fame. Astrologers often recommend ruby stone to someone who is struggling with lots of things, feeling demotivated, feeling less spark in life, and low will power.

It’s the stone that promotes positivity and eliminates negativity. Ruby is often suggested to those who deal with negative or depressing thoughts. Anyone who deals with stomach troubles like indigestion can also wear this stone.

Since it makes the wearer more energetic, anyone who has a dissatisfied sex life can also consider this stone. The actual results of wearing a ruby stone can be predicted by looking at the placement of Sun in one’s natal chart.

Who Should Not Wear Ruby?

Gemstones are said to enhance the power of weak planets. They don’t turn a malefic planet into a positive one. So, anyone who has a malefic sun in a chart should avoid wearing this stone because it can make a situation more troublesome.

Also remember, any gemstone can have adverse effects if it’s of bad quality and if it doesn’t suit a person, much like a medicine. Most of the gemstone will suit you only if you need it. This thing can be determined by analyzing the birth chart. So, before wearing a ruby, an expert astrologer’s suggestion is most welcome.

Different Origins of Rubies

Rubies were mostly found in Asia and Africa. But, Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, was always considered the most valuable source to get the most beautiful rubies. There are different types of ruby gemstone available on the market from different origins like Burmese Ruby stones, African Ruby stones, Thai Ruby gemstone, Tanzania ruby gemstone, Madagascan ruby stone, Afghanistan Ruby.

Burmese ruby
Burmese ruby

Out of all those, Burmese Ruby was considered to be the best origin of rubies. The Burmese or Myanmar Ruby has a dark red color. Next comes the Thai Ruby gemstone (Bankok origin). The rubies of Thai have little dull color because of the blend of iron & chromium.

bankok ruby
bankok ruby

If we talk about the African Ruby stone, these rubies were found in different shades. Some looks dark red, and some have purple tint on it, and so on. Tanzania and Madagascar produce more rubies in Africa.

The rubies found in Sri Lanka were less recommended by the astrologers because they are pink in color.

Ruby Stone Price / Manikya Stone Pricing

The price of Ruby/Manik stone is determined by considering the cut, color, transparency, carat/Ratti weight, the treatment used, and a few other factors. The price of Rubies can start from Rs. 300/ratti to Rs. 50,000/ratti.

The fine grade ruby gemstone can cost you around Rs. 1500/ Ratti to 3500/ Ratti. The premium-grade ruby pricing starts at Rs. 3500/ Ratti to 5500/ Ratti, whereas the super-premium or finest quality ruby stone pricing starts at 5500/ Ratti to 9000/ Ratti.

It’s also worth to note that the heat treatment used to enhance the color of Ruby stone also decides the pricing. Honestly, on the Indian market, the heated one was given much priority because of its transparency and color. However, heat treatment and glass filling reduce the value of a gemstone.

So, to get the maximum results from Ruby (Manikya), you need to purchase a natural ruby gemstone. Also, check if it’s heated or treated to enhance the clarity of the stone. The heated or treated ruby holds very less value in astrology, and you won’t get desired results.

What should be the ideal weight of Manik Stone?

Astrologers suggest that the gemstone should be 1 Ratti per 12 Kg. That means, if your weight is 60 Kg, then you should wear 5 Ratti Ruby stone. The actual weight of the stone is also determined by looking at the Natal chart because the condition of the planet matters a lot.

The ideal weight of ruby or any other gemstone should not be less than 3 Ratti. If you are considering the substitutes of Ruby stone, then the weight will vary more. To sort out the confusion related to the weight, an expert astrologer’s suggestion is much needed because oversized ruby can welcome adverse effects.

How To Wear Ruby Gemstone?

How To Wear Ruby Gemstone
The procedure of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

To get the maximum effect of any gemstone, one should follow the appropriate procedure. You need to consider the best time, best metal, finger, body part, and mantra before wearing the Manik gemstone.

The best time to wear ruby is between 5 am to 7 am on any Sunday. When it comes to metal, Gold is always the best metal for Ruby gemstone. However, if Gold is unaffordable or out of budget, then the second-best option is copper or Panchdhatu

According to the Vedic astrology, Ruby stone should always be worn in the Ring finger or Anamika in Hindi. Before wearing ruby stone, it should be kept in Gangajal or honey to eliminate all negativity from the stone.

Next, one needs to burn five incense sticks and pray Lord Sun for better well-being. Next, recite any mantra of Lord Sun 108 times. The mantra of Ruby stone are as follows –

Om Hring Hamsah Suryaye Namah Om

Om Suryaya Namah

Om Hreem Sum Suryaya Namah

You can recite any one of three mantras 108 times and then wear the stone. If everything is done correctly, the stone will give effects within 30 days. Make sure to pray Lord Sun regularly to attain the results of Ruby in the long run, and don’t forget to clean your stone at regular intervals.

Important things to keep in Mind

An expert astrologer suggestion is a must before purchasing/wearing Manik gemstone. For those who can’t afford, ruby can also consider the substitute of ruby stone.

If you are not getting results from the Ruby gemstone, ask yourself a few questions – Have you consulted an astrologer?, Is Ruby gemstone really needed?, Is the stone is of good quality? Have you followed the given procedure? are you wearing it in the right finger?, have you given enough time to the stone?

The answers to these questions will clear most of your doubts.

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