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Kitchen Vastu | A Complete Vastu Guide For Kitchen

by gemsyogi

A Kitchen is considered as a very positive and important room according to Vastu, every activity which is done here is meant for our well being, good health, and state of our mind too. Yes, you heard it right, what we eat affects not only our physical body but mental health too, there is a lot of scientific evidence today to back it up. So one should always follow the rules of Vastu while building a Kitchen.




According to Vastu the best direction of the kitchen should be in the southeastern direction of the house because according to the Vastu this direction signifies ” Fire Element ” in the Sanskrit language this direction is known as “Agni Kon ”

  • direction_for_kitchen_vastu_gemsyogi.in
    The south direction is also considered good because it shares the same boundary with the southeast, this direction also comes under the “Agni Kon” direction where everything related to fire ( Agni) should be kept for balancing the fire energy within the House.
    This rule applies not only just to homes but this arrangement should also be followed in an office if it has a kitchen, business-like Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Now the second best direction for the kitchen is the northwest direction, this direction can also somewhat balance the fire energy since this direction signifies the air element but please note that the kitchen should not share any boundary with the toilet otherwise it will create a Vastu dosh.




  • While cooking your burner should be kept in such a way that you either face north or east
  • In a northwest kitchen, you can also face west


Placement of Things in the kitchen

  • Burner, oven are the elements of fire so they should be placed in the southeast direction inside the kitchen.
  • In the western kitchen, the gas burner should be on the northwestern side of the kitchen room
  • the sink of your kitchen is an element related to water and the burner is an element related to fire so should be kept at least 2 meters of distance from each other else, it will creates an imbalance between two different types of energy, which may create constant disputes, arguments and unstable relations within the family members, etc
  • cupboards and storage for groceries should be made in the western or southern wall of the kitchen



As we consider southeast as Agni kon , if your kitchen is placed in the southeastern corner or southern corner they try to paint the kitchen with fire-related colors, like yellow, orange, red, even minor shades of fire genre colors is great to have on this directions


  • As per the instruction of Vastu Shastra, the blue color is not suitable for the kitchen because the blue color represents a water-related element and as the kitchen is built on “Agne kon” (Direction represents Fire) it will create an imbalance in this direction.
  • If you have more floors in your home, make sure there should not be a bedroom right above the kitchen because having a kitchen below a bedroom because it will activate malefic energy of planet Mars and the Sun, it creates health issues, disputes, increases aggression on the native who resides in that bedroom, if children occupying that bedroom, it has been observed those children have a hard time following the guidance of their parents.
  • The kitchen and toilet should not share the same wall because toilets are meant for removing/ directing negative waste toward the sewage, and the kitchen is a very auspicious room
  • The fire from the kitchen burner should not be visible directly from the main entrance. It is said that it creates sudden mishaps in a person’s life, like injury, accidents etc.
  • The kitchen door and toilet door should not be pointing towards each other, if this happens make sure that the toilet door should always remain close.

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