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Crystal Pyramid For Positive Enegy - How to Use It in Vastu/Feng Shui

Crystal Pyramid For Positive Enegy – How to Use It in Vastu/Feng Shui

by gemsyogi

If you are into Energy healing stuff or keep great interests in how pyramids works, you might be well aware of crystal pyramids. Before understanding the benefits of Crystal Pyramids, one needs to know how Pyramids works.

How Pyramids works in Feng Shui & Vastu

Well, Pyramids are one of the most powerful sacred geometrical shapes that hold lots of values in Vastu, Feng Shui, and energy healing work. The key thing about Pyramids is that it absorbs the universal energies from the cosmos and centers it down to use through its apex.

Over the years, Pyramids have always been known for their powerful healing properties. Pyramids made up of natural earth elements like Quartz Pyramids or Crystal increase the positive effect and other spiritual benefits.

If you are using Pyramid for Vastu dosha correction, you should know that there are different variants of Crystal Pyramids available in the marketplace. Depending on what your Vastu Experts has suggested, you can consider purchasing Brass, Copper, or Lead Pyramids.

Crystal Pyramid Benefits

Crystal Pyramid Benefits

Crystal pyramids were also used in Vastu if there’s a particular need. Primarily, the Crystal Pyramids were used in energy healing likes Reiki, Pranic Healing, and more. One can use Crystal Pyramid energy healing for the aura and seven chakras.

It’s also widely used during meditation. While meditating, if a Crystal Pyramid is placed in the hand or in front of you, it energizes the aura and clears the negative energies. Since Crystal Pyramids were an essential form of sacred geometry, the energies of Pyramids raise your vibration, allowing you to reach the next level of your spiritual development quickly.

The crystal pyramid is also used for preserving beauty and youth. Crystal Pyramids can be placed near a bed to get a restful speed. Another best place to place a pyramid to preserve beauty is near your mirror.

Crystal Pyramid For Positive Energy

Over the years, the benefits of Crystal Pyramids have been tried and proven by many. If Copper Pyramid is a part of your Feng Shui rulebook, it can bring positive energies at home. As per Feng Shui, one can place Crystal Pyramid anywhere at home. It will absorb and radiate positive and universal healing energy to every corner.

However, if you intend to use Crystal Pyramid to fix any Vastu problem, it should be placed in a particular place and direction. It is because the placement becomes an essential thing in affecting the energies at home.

Crystal Pyramid placement in a house

Crystal Pyramid placement in a house

According to Vastu and Feng Shui experts, Crystal Pyramid should be placed in the South West of a home or office for wish fulfillment. It can also be placed in the southeast direction for attracting positive energies.

Vastu Experts and Feng Shui masters often recommend placing Crystal Pyramids in the corners of home or office to elevate the positive energies.

Yes, there are other directions as well that can bring positive vibrations, good health, happiness, and prosperity in one’s life. However, one needs to consult a Vastu Expert or Feng Shui Master to know the direction.

Role of Pyramid Materials in Feng Shui

As we all know, there are different types of pyramids available on the marketplace. In Feng Shui, different kinds of Pyramids were used for different purposes. Below, we have shared Feng Shui Pyramid Material and the intention.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz Pyramid is mainly used to attract, enhance and grow the sense of love in a relationship.

Jasper – Jasper Pyramids were mainly used for self-care, grounding. It can also help a lot in improving health conditions.

Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Labradorite – These pyramids were mostly used to remove negativity from the workplace or home. It ensures protection against evil.

Clear Crystal – Crystal Pyramids were mainly used to clean negative energies at home. It also attracts positive energies.

Copper Pyramids – Copper Pyramids are primarily used in Vastu to rectify certain Vastu Doshas. It should be placed in the proper direction.

Ending Note:

Crystal Pyramids were of great use, but they should be used properly. Before installing or using a Crystal Pyramid, it’s always best to seek guidance from a trained master. We don’t recommend anyone to use Crystal Pyramid without having proper knowledge or seeking expert guidance.

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