Office Vastu – Complete Vastu Guide For Office, Shops or Factory

Office/ workplace can be called the second home of an adult where he or she spends at least 8 hours regularly which is around 200+ hours a month,
and most importantly the way you work and the performance you give during that 8 hours determines the type and nature of life you will get in your entire lifespan.
So it is very important to follow Vastu Strategies to enhance and take the full benefits of that workplace and do our work successfully

Building Structure 

Let begin with the structure of the building for the office, Shops or factory, as we all know that generally, we consider square or rectangular shape plots to be good according to Vastu and any other structure apart of this creates a Vastu Dosha however there is some exception for business office, corporate plots, shop or factory.

According to Hindu Vastu Shastra, The Lions Face shape Plot / Sher Mukhi is considered the best shape according to Vastu for the growth of a business the structure is projected in the image. The fierce semi-arrow-like structure of a lion’s shape plot symbolizes fast growth with great penetration in the field that the business stands for.

Facing of the Building

According to Vastu sastra an office, factory, or shop is considered best when it is facing the North or northeast direction.
Please note that we are talking about the face of the building here the front face, which is usually connected to the road just like the image above



According to Vastu shastra, the entrance of an office, shop or Factory, in general, should be in the north or east direction

the entrance should be obstacle-free for example multiple heavy items like sofa, big tables, etc in the entrance should be kept in as minimum as possible

Arrangement of Office according to Vastu

  • North – This direction is ruled by Kuber, and as we all know Kuber is the lord of wealth and this direction also represents a business opportunity, so the staff’s who are indulge in finance, accounts billing and transaction should be alloted in this direction.
  • East – The East direction is ruled by Lord Sun the only God who is visible to us, this area represents an organization, administration, management of government or public affairs so administrative department or staffs indulge in administrative work should be on this area while facing north or east. The welcome room, reception should be in the east direction, because this direction stands for social association, social bonding, creative idea, Social connectivity, social impact.
  • South- The south direction is best for the Execution of task, this direction helps to keep the mind calm even in a tense scenario, so owners or staff who are indulging in stressful work, or who have deal with tense situations should be alloted this direction
  • Bramha stan– The center of the building is called “Brahma sthan“, this direction is called the epicenter of energy regulation inside the building hence it is advised in Vastu that this area should be blank or if you are unable to keep it blank then try to keep lightweight items on this area to avoid any malefic effects.


  • Northeast –  This direction is known as “Ishan kon” representing water element, so Entrance, Reception area, waiting lobby, Puja room, water drinking area should be placed in this direction. water element must be balanced in this area because this area represents water element
  • Southeast– This direction is called “Agni kon” (Fire element ) so fire-related elements must be balanced here meaning, electrical items, meters, coffee makers, snacks serving the kitchen of the office should be in this direction. The staff’s who are onto money collection, management of finance, cash flow should be placed in this direction and rooms like canteen, pantry area, the kitchen of the office are considered best in this direction.
  • Southwest– This area represents the earth element, symbolizing stability, calmness, etc so the Owner, decision-maker like a manager, key person responsible for business development should have his cabin/office in this area and face north, or northeast according to the Vastu
  • Northwest– The NorthWest represents the air element which stands for communication, new ideas, Please note that we need to seriously avoid any anti element in this direction and keep the air element balanced in this direction this will create harmony and understanding among the team and staff’s of the office which will eventually increase the spirit. Banking, finance, transaction, Sales, marketing, and dispatch department should be in this direction while rooms like Conference room, Toilet, waiting lobby, parking area are considered best in this direction according to Vastu.

Colour and Paint


Colour and paint on the walls are taken as a very important factor of balance or imbalance of elements because the walls that we surround ourselves with are considered very important in Vastu shastra because of the psychological and indirect physical impact it has on us.For example, the north direction represents water element and if you paint any fire-related color like any red shades like maroon, red, burgundy, etc in the north direction then there will be an imbalance of elements in that direction and it can cause loss related to work, business, and finance.similarly avoid blue or black color in southeast corners because this direction represents the management of finance, cash flow, etc

so the most favorable paint in this direction is green or light green, or you can introduce a small plant to this location in a decorative way.



 Inside the office/ Cabin

  • owner back sidewalls should be blank there should not be any heavy items or heavy decorative things like an aquarium, puja than, etc, the best thing is to have a simple wall behind him
  • The tables should be simple rectangular  or square in shape, different modern tables like L-shape, v shape, oval tables should be avoided according to Vastu
  • Staff should face north or east direction while working

Problems and Remedies

  1. If in your shop or office visitors are coming but there is no conversion in sales, for example, people are visiting you but not purchasing from you then do check for some fire-related element which can be any shade of red color painted in the wall, heavy machinery, electronic equpement which is creating heat like running fridge, heater, etc creating an imbalance in the north direction of the shop or office,  because the north direction stands for water element which represents cash flow, finance, growth so having fire-related element here will give losses.
  2. If customers are not visiting your shop or customers are unable to recognize your business then there can be some earth element blocking the water element in the north direction and creating imbalance, for example having some brown, blue, black, or dark shades of color in the northern direction, keeping the north direction under dim light, keeping heavy plants in the north direction, etc,  because earth element is soil and the north direction is water so if we cover water area with soil then water will not be visible at all. In such scenarios, we have seen customers don’t recognize the nature of the business, and hence the business growth halts.
  3. keeping a pair of white horses statue of the image in a northwest direction will enhance the capabilities of that area
  4. In case of unbalance of relations between the staff and employees of the office, place an orchestra photo in a black frame in the west wall  of the office it will create harmony between the staffs/employees, as the northwestern direction is the direction of air element and it represents communication so to enhance the energy of this direction can also help in having good relations with the customer and the staffs as well. This can be done by painting the wall of the northwest direction with white paint or having white tiles in this area.

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