Virgo Moon Sign – Nature, Attitude & Negative Traits

Moon Sign is the zodiac sign where the Moon was placed at the exact place and time of your birth. So, if the moon was placed in the Virgo sign when you were born, then your Moon sign is Virgo. People born with Moon in Virgo are faithful, caring, gentle, and responsible.

Virgo is an Earth sign which means these are the grounded people on the planet. Being an Earth sign, Virgo knows how to start with a solid foundation. Those born with Moon in Virgo usually follow the slow and steady approach to achieve their life goals.

Virgo is also a mutable sign that means that they are flexible and adaptable. Virgo borns know how to go with the flow, and they are most likely to find the way out of any troublesome situation. Those born with Moon in Virgo have a strong urge to improve themselves and the circumstances around them.

Virgo Moon Sign – Nature

Virgo Moon Sign - Nature
Virgo Moon Sign – Nature

Those born with Virgo Moon feels the best while helping others. In fact, they are pretty much service-oriented. These people tend to nurture themselves and others by offering practical service in everyday life.

These peoples want their life to be in order, and they try their level best to keep themselves and their surroundings as clean and organized as possible. Virgos tends to find happiness while doing little things to organize their life. For example, you will find these people cleaning up their wardrobe, reorganizing their bookshelf, paying the bills in time, etc.

These little things give them a sense of achievement and happiness. With Moon in Virgo, native has a strong urge to be needed, and they are always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Being ruled by the Mercury, Virgo borns tend to give attention to the cleanliness and health.

People born with Moon in Virgo tend to feel secure by knowing that things around them are tidy, structured, and planned. In fact, for Virgo borns, routine becomes the best friend, and without it, they can’t have peace of mind.

Virgo Moon Sign & Down To Earth Attitude

Virgo Moon Sign & Down To Earth Attitude
Virgo Moon Sign & Down To Earth Attitude

Some other zodiac like Leo might see a Virgo as an underachiever because of their down-to-earth attitude, but this is not true. Virgo values simplicity, and they don’t usually have the desire to be the center of attraction.

Those born with Virgo Moon sign are extremely helpful as well. However, for them, everything is about logic, structure, and organization. So, instead of giving someone a shoulder to cry or mental happiness, Virgo natives look for ways to help in practical ways.

Breaking a steady routine could be the worst situation that could ever happen to a Virgo Moon. These natives are victims of routine tasks, and they can feel nervous if their routine was broken. Virgo Moons were pretty good at detailing as well, and they usually do good in a profession that requires cares for little things.

The practical nature, combined with an eye for detail and helpful nature makes Virgo a useful people to have around. These people are quite busy and happy when they have their lives under control.

Virgo – Negative Traits

Moon In Virgo - Negative Traits
Moon In Virgo – Negative Traits

Virgo is associated with the 6th House and its a sign of service. These people value simplicity and love routine works. However, sometimes to lead a simple life, Virgo natives become slaves to routines. They won’t try anything else or big if everything is going well and this is why other signs accuse Virgo as underachievers.

Since they love simplicity and wants everything to happen as planned, they become restless and nervous when their plans were not followed. All of a sudden, they will become unhappy and complain about random stuff if they were put out of their comfort zone.

The confidence level is also quite low on Virgo Moons, and they tend to be overdependent on their routine. This thing also plays a crucial role in relationship & love as well. On relationship, natives with Virgo moon tend to be shy and over conscious of themselves. This thing often causes trouble in building a strong bond with their lovable partner.

Virgos are extremely practical and hardworking. However, they feel insecure as well. While thinking about the future or something new, these natives tend to look at the worst scenario first. Those born with Virgo Moon are extremely health-conscious, which they might not show it on the face, but they tend to worry a lot about their health.

Other people see Virgo as a calm, cool, and well-organized people. To maintain that image, Virgo often chooses to hide dark and painful emotions from their loved ones. So, to deal with those emotional pains, Virgo natives often choose to use alcohol or any other addictive drugs.

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