7 Chakra Stone Pyramid For Reiki Healing & Vastu


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As we know, Pyramids are one of the important and powerful geometrical structure that holds lots of values in both Feng Shui and Vastu. Pyramids evoke universal energies from the cosmos and center it down to us through the apex.

Over the years, many have used Pyramids to draw positive vibrations in their home & workplace. They are also used in Feng Shui & Vastu Shashtra to activate certain chakras in our body & for Vastu correction.

The 7 Chakra stone pyramid is mostly used in crystal healing, Vastu Correction, and Feng Shui. It’s made up of 7 semi-precious stones, and each one is believed to harmonize and activate one of the seven Chakras of our body (Root, Sacral, Throat, Power, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown).

In Vastu, the 7 chakra stone pyramid benefits us by removing all the Vastu dosha and negative energies from our home & workplace. It also attracts positivity & prosperity in our life. One should keep the seven chakra stone pyramid in the hall room or dining room for the best result.


  • Ideal for use in Vastu, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Astrology & Feng Shui
  • The 7 chakra stone pyramid balances the flow of energy through your chakras.
  • The pyramid attracts positivity & prosperity in our life.
  • Seven Chakra Pyramid is made up of 7 semi-precious stones. Each of the stones has a specific benefit & supports the healing process.
  • Can bring strength and clarity to the thought process if used for meditation.
MaterialCrystal 7 types
Weightapprox 550 Grams
Size4.5 inch
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