Swastik Pyramid 3 Inch For Vastu Dosh Rectification



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The swastika is considered to be very important in Hinduism. Usually, on festive occasions, we make colored Swastik bring positive energies. However, things are different in Vastu Shastra. In Vastu, instead of colored powders, metal Swastik with embedded pyramids were used.

It’s said that Swastik Vastu Yantra got the power to remove many problems from a person’s life. It not only protects individuals and houses from bad/evil eyes, it also ensures prosperity & all-round happiness.

It’s also a symbol of Lord Ganesha, who himself symbolizes understanding, intellect, growth, and intellect. Installing pure copper Swastik Vastu Yantra helps one attain the blessings of Lord Ganesha who is the remover of obstacles.

Swastik Pyramid Yantra 3 Inch (Copper)

  • The Swastik Yantra weighs around 50 grams, and it’s 3 inches in size.
  • Swastik symbol depicts Lord Ganesha in symbolic form.
  • Copper Swastik Pyramid 3 inches brings prosperity, happiness & a sense of fulfillment into life.
  • The Yantra is ideal for houses, factories, and offices.
  • It can rectify Vastu dosha, but you need to install it in the proper location.


Weight50 Grams
Size3 Inch
Quantity 1


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