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Pyramids are one of the powerful sacred geometrical shapes that has great significance in both Vast and in Feng Shui. It extracts universal energies from the cosmos and centers it down to us through the apex.

Pyramids are also good for preservation and they are known for their powerful healing properties. The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt is a live example indicating how the pharaohs (kings and queens) were mummified and kept in a tomb inside a Pyramid to keep their bodies preserved, they indirectly taught us a true advantage of a Pyramid thousands of years ago.

On other hand, a pyramid made up of any natural earth element like a natural crystal increases the positive effect and other spiritual benefits, because as we all know crystal stones are used for Reiki Healing and other astrological benefits.

Benefits of Crystal Quartz Pyramid

  • It’s the most used stone for crystal healing, Reiki Healing, Feng Shui & Vastu.
  • Quartz Pyramids can extract, amplify, and store energy better than any other crystal.
  • The pyramid can improve the effectiveness of water, food, and medicines.
  • It’s said to promote self-healing.
  • Keep this in the home or workplace to increase the energy levels.
  • It reduces negative energies like stress and tension from our body, home, and workplace.


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