Copper 4 Inch Pyramid Set for Vastu Remedies



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Vastu experts say that every house and workplace needs Pyramids to rectify Vastu defects. Without proper Vastu, the individual and financial growth slow down. Over the years, Pyramids have served as a pocket-friendly and simple way to curb all Vastu Dosh.

However, to achieve the best results from a Vastu Pyramid, one needs to install it in a strategic location. These locations might include your home’s central point, any specific region like South East or North, etc. If everything is set up well, Pyramids can nullify the negativity in your home.

The Copper 4 Inch Pyramid Set is supposed to remove negative energies from the South or South East region. The Pyramid is divided into two layers that increase the power & effectiveness of the pyramid. The top layer has one large Pyramid, and at the bottom, there are 9 Pyramids.

Copper 4 inch Pyramid Set for Vastu (2 Layers)

  • It is a pure copper 4 inch Pyramid set.
  • There are a total of 2 layers that increase the power and effectiveness of the pyramid.
  • Pure Copper Pyramids attracts maximum positive energies from the cosmos.
  • You can install it at home or workplace to fix Vastu errors.
  • One needs to energize the Pyramid before installation.


Weight636 Grams
Size4 Inch
Quantity 1


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