Vastu Tips for Main door/ Entrance for Home and Office

According to Vastu Shastra, our entrance is the pathway of energy coming inside our house or workplace because all our guests and family members use the entrance to enter and exit our house bringing positive or negative energy accordingly with them. So it is important to have our entrance according to Vastu’s recommendation to nullify the negative energy and enhance the positive energy through the entrance Door.

What is the best direction for having an entrance according to Vastu?
Generally, many of us know that entrance in the north and east direction are considered the best, but do you know according to Vastu there are total 32 parts of directions as seen in the image above, out of which only 9 parts are majorly bad for having an entrance and they are considered inauspicious, 17 parts of directions are very beneficial for us and the remaining 6 parts are nither too bad nor it is good, let’s have a look at the image above there are total 32 parts of a plot where the dark green parts are considered the best direction for entrance, light green areas are considered good, then comes the yellow areas this are considered neither good nor bad and the red areas are considered bad area according to Vastu shastra.

Results of entrances

North– Generally the northern side entrances are considered the best entrances in terms of receiving beneficial results the exact north direction can give you all kind of comfort, prosperity, and money.

East– If your entrance is in the exact east direction then it is a very good direction because this direction is ruled by lord sun and as the sun rises the first light of the sun is going to fall and come through your entrance, overall this direction can rise you name, fame, prosperity, and reputation in society.

West– if your entrance is in the exact west this direction is also considered good according to Vastu

South – Is the South entrance really bad? there are some miss understanding regarding the south direction, many of us have heard that the south is a bad direction but it is not all true, if you are having a straight south entrance then it is also considered a good entrance. YOu can also have a little left side entrance in the south direction as shown in the image previously.

Northeast– As we all know the exact northeast corner is called the Eyshanya kon which is considered the gods corner so having an entrance on the exact northeast is not considered good because people steeping in from the outside and entering through the entrance of the northeast which is the epicenter of divine energy is not a good omen.

Southeast– The exact southeast is not considered very bad but it is not beneficial also if your internal Vastu is good then you can have an entrance in this direction but there can be issues related to cash liquidity problems, problems related to cash, issues in conceiving child, it can also give legal problems, the remedy is provided at the end of this article.

Northwest– This area is also not very bad in terms of the entrance but neither it is beneficial you may have to face some minor Bank and loan-related issues, debt, legal issues. Remedies are provided at the end of this article

Southwest– This is the most malefic direction for having an entrance, this can cause misfortune, it can provide finance but it will also cause in unwanted expenditure through disease or hospital expenses, some Vastu experts belive’s that southwest will provide good financial growth for the first 3-4 year after that the growth stops. Remedies are provided at the end of this article




  • A per Vastu an entrance should begin with a narrow passage and then open up to a wide space
  • It is recommended to have 2 door entrance rather than having a single door entrance, and the entrance door should be made bigger if possible

  • The opening of the entrance should always be towards the inside of the house because as per Vastu entrance door opening outside is not considered good, the entrance door should open clockwise direction if possible.

  • It is preferable to keep your name place in front of the entrance, this can welcome positive energy if the entrance is in the correct direction and have a positive impact on the owner of the house

  • Make a habit of keeping the hinges of the door oiled so that the door opens smoothly without making creaking noise because this creaking noise is considered very inauspicious according to Vastu Shastra


  • There should not be any heavy or small item in the entrance which causes obstacle while opening and closing of the door otherwise there will be obstacle and hurdles in getting happiness and accumulation of wealth

  • Avoid making toilets above the entrance door of the house it is considered a Vastu dosha

  • Mirrors should not be placed in such a way that they reflect our image while entering the house because as per Vastu mirrors also reflect energy whether it is negative or positive energy it will be reflected from the inside towards the outside of the house. However, we can keep a mirror on the right-hand side of the entrance as shown in the image above, if the entrance in a correct Vastu direction then this can enhance the positivity in the house

  • Some people keep day-to-day garbage right beside the entrance for the garbage collector it and some people keep dustbins right beside the entrance, this should be avoided completely because this can attract all the negative energy nearby and imbalance the element of this direction also hence resulting is unfavorable results.



  • A lifted barrier in the entrance is very effective in keeping negativity outside of the house

  • The doormat in the entrance is also considered very good in cleaning the negative energy coming from the outside, as we dust our feet on the doormat before entering the home it cleans off the negativity and dust both

  • Keep the entrance well lit, keeping the entrance well lit can decrease negativity according to Vastu Shastra.

  • keeping scented flower in the entrance can absorb the negative energy and nullify it

Remedy for Entrance in the northwest direction?
If your entrance is in the northwestern direction, you can activate any white color element here to nullify any negative impact, because this direction is known as Vaayu kon (Air element) so painting the wall here with white color, keeping white flower plants, can fix the minor negative impact of this direction

Remedy for Entrance in the Southwest direction?
Entrance in the southwest direction is considered very bad in Vastu , as this direction represents earth element so you can keep a brass pyramid on this direction to nullify the negative impact of this direction, do note the bigger the pyramid you can keep the better results you are going to get.

Remedy for Entrance in the Southeast Direction?
If you have your entrance in the south-east direction, you can place a copper pyramid over the door of the entrance because this direction is considered Aagne kon ( Fire element ) and copper is the element of fire so keeping a pyramid made up of copper can fix the negative impact on this direction.

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