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Sun in 1st House in Astrology - Personality, Spouse & Other Details

Sun in 1st House in Astrology – Personality, Spouse & Other Details

by gemsyogi

In actuality, Sun is not a planet, but it’s counted as such in Vedic astrology. The Sun is the biggest visible celestial body, and many cultures call it Sun God.

The placement of the Sun in your horoscope determines many things about your personality and Soul. His position in the zodiac determines your sun sign. For example, if the Sun is placed in the Capricorn sign, then your sun sign is Capricorn.
To check your personality & outlook, you need to see the traits of the Capricorn sun sign. Our lives are affected by the energies of the Sun, as it is the largest celestial body visible to us.

What Planet Sun Represents in Astrology

You might have read many guides or watched hundreds of videos on YouTube learning about the Planet Sun. Unfortunately, most of the guides that we have read on the internet misinterpreted the role of Planet Sun.

In Vedic Astrology, Sun represents your Soul and your father. Yes, it represents willpower, dedication, ego, authority, and many other things, but the first and foremost thing that the planet represents is your Soul.

Since Sun represents your soul, it’s automatically linked with your inner strength. How hard you will thrive in your life to survive, how you will emotionally react in an adverse situation, how far you can go, what level of inner strength you have are all decided by the placement of the Sun in your horoscope.

It’s not a planet directly linked with prosperity, financial success, marriage, etc. However, without the power of the Sun, you won’t be able to succeed in any aspect of your life. Next to Mars, Sun is the only planet in astrology that gives us the inner power to survive and fight through the end.

We have already discussed Sun in astrology in one of our guides. Please refer to that article to explore the secrets of the Sun in astrology.

What is 1st House in Astrology?

Well, 1st House is the significant House in your horoscope because it’s one of the Kendra houses. If you don’t know, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th House are the Kendra house in astrology, and it lays the foundation of your life.

Being the 1st Kendra house, it’s often regarded as Lagna or the Ascendant. If we have to sum up the 1st House of Astrology in one word, we would tell it deals with the SELF.

As opposed to other houses of astrology that address a few members, the first House deals exclusively with you. This is because the first House represents who you are, what you are, and where you are heading.

Since the 1st House represents you as a person, your physical appearance, what you want people to see, your every ‘firsts’ and new beginnings. As it is one of the most important houses and represents yourself, it also represents your zeal, energy, and strengths.

For more details about the First House in astrology, please refer to this guide.

Sun in the 1st House of Astrology

After knowing about the Planet Sun and the 1st House of astrology, it’s time to know about the secrets of the Sun in the 1st House. As we know, the 1st House deals without self-image, the planet placed in the 1st House tells a lot about our personality.

If no planets were placed in the 1st House, then we need to analyze the sign of the 1st House. So, what happens when Sun gets posited in the first House? Does it make or break things? Let’s unveil the truths of the Sun in the 1st House.

Sun, the actual soul signifier and the fatherly figure, gets posited in the House of self; it indicates that things will be positive. Whatever they do in life, they strive to be at the top.

Sun in 1st House – Personality

Sun in 1st House - Personality

When the Sun is posited in the first House of astrology, the native feels as if they are entitled to everything in life. There is a sense of authority attached to their every move; for example, when they work for others, they feel like what I am doing where, why can’t I be the boss?.

Sun is the natural significator of your Soul, and the 1st House is all about yourself. When the Sun is placed in the very 1st House, it connects the native with their Soul or self. These natives usually acquire divine knowledge very easily, and Sun here makes the native understand what life actually is.

When posited in the 1st House, Sun’s energies modify the intensity of every Aspect of the 1st House like the ego, self-esteem, self-belief, willpower, etc. Therefore the individual gains a high level of self-esteem, self-confidence, willpower, desire to discover life, and everything that sets them apart from others.

Also, according to Kalpurush Kundli, Sun rules the sign of 5th House – Leo. So, according to this concept, if the 5th lord gets placed in the 1st House of self, it gives creative & artistic talents to the individuals.

If it feels comfortable, Sun in the First House gives individuals a very dynamic and charismatic personality. When they come to the stage, they would be noticed; others would listen and watch. And these natives love that, and the more center attention they get, the ego builds.

Sun’s Aspect in the 7th house Marriage/Spouse

Sun's Aspect in the 7th house Marriage/Spouse

Naturally, Sun aspects the 7th House of every chart. So, when it comes to the 1st House, it has a direct aspect to the 7th House. 7th House represents your partners and partnership in business, work, and marriage.

Unless Sun is in its own/friendly sign, the Aspect of Sun in the 7th House does not generally facilitate the marriage life. Sun here brings ego into the home life of the native, and even worse, the partner will also exhibit this level of the ego because Sun has a direct aspect to the 7th House.

From the Ascendant, Sun has a direct aspect to the 7th House, which means your ego will also be seen on your life partner. If Sun is poorly placed in the chart, there will be frequent ego clashes with life partners. Both of them would try to dominate each other, even in the home.

Sun in 1st House also results in a short-lived business partnership because the native here usually dominates their partner. However, the sign placement, other planetary aspects, and dignity of the Sun will denote the actual outcome of its 7th Aspect.

Auspicious Results of Sun in 1st House if well placed

When it gets placed in its own/friendly sign, Sun gives very positive results in the 1st House. However, Sun should have enough power and be free from any harsh aspects.

  • Sun in the 1st House endows the individual with great energy and vitality. They would be up for everything.
  • Since Sun represents your self-image, it helps you understand yourself in a better way.
  • Being the King of all planets, Sun gives a magnetic personality to the native. As a result, the native will have lots of energy and radiant charisma.
  • When Sun sits in the First House, it gives natives enormous power and dedication to overcome life’s challenges.
  • These natives were usually born fighters and were always up for a challenge in life.
  • When Sun gets posited in the First House, it gives natives a tendency to shine out and be at the center of all actions.
  • Native with Sun in first House will be tall, have pleasant eyes, and a dominating voice.
  • Usually, Sun gives here good energy, vitality, and health, but natives will have some tendency of gastric troubles.
  • Sun here makes a native confident, determined, and self-centered. They will get respect wherever they go.
  • Sun here gives interest in creative works, like gardening, painting, etc.
  • The person will have dominating nature and will be very intelligent. Sun here makes native famous in all fields. Therefore, they will thrive to attain a higher position in life.
  • When Sun gets posited in the 1st House, it gives the opportunity to visit foreign lands after marriage or business partnership.
  • A positive Sun in the First House signifies strong chances of getting a government job, or he should hold an authoritative position somewhere.

Inauspicious Results of Sun in 1st House (Badly Placed)

When Sun gets posited in the negative sign or is harshly aspected by other planets, it can produce some inauspicious results.

  • Sun is negatively placed can give lots of ego to the native. Such ego can bring enmity in professional fields.
  • Since Sun governs your energy and vitality, negative result foresees a lazy, wicked, and unforgiving person.
  • One may suffer from stomach issues like gastric or have a weak immune system.
  • Sun, if negatively placed, can give eye problems to the native. Native may wear spectacles from childhood or very early age.
  • Negative Sun can even hamper self-esteem, willpower, and aggression. Therefore, such natives will have very low self-esteem and willpower.
  • Native can become angry even at minor things. They can even beat others out of frustration.
  • Sun, if negatively placed, can cause anemia or eczema, which can cause baldness.
  • Sun here can spoil the married life of the native. They will have a problem while emotionally connecting with their life partners.
  • Frequent clash with the business of life partner can happen. In the worst scenario, separation can also happen.
  • The native might have few children or be troubled by a spouse, son, or partners.
  • The native might suffer from psychological imbalances, and they will be too concerned about their public image.

So, this is all about 1st House and what happens when Sun gets placed in it. If you have any doubts, please discuss them with us in the comments below.

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