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According to the Vastu Shastra, the main door of the house or workplace is very important. It’s because, from the entrance, all sorts of positive and negative energies enter your place. If someone in your house always has some sort of problems, or if the overall growth is low, then this hints towards a Vastu defect.

To deal with various Vastu defects, Vastu experts recommend Pyramids. Pyramids were meant to balance the energies. If placed in the proper place, then Pyramids can bring miracles into your life. It not only removes the negative energies but also transforms them into positive ones.

Swastik, which itself is a symbol of auspiciousness, is considered the best to protect houses from evil eyes and bring good luck at home. The copper Swastik Yantra not only brings positive energies and good luck, but it also helps to fix various Vastu defects.

Pure Copper Swastik Pyramid Yantra (2-inch)

  • The Yantra weighs around 52 grams, and it’s 2 inches in size.
  • Swastik Pyramid Yantra is believed to promote growth & good health.
  • It’s great for business opportunities, financial gains, and profits.
  • You can keep Swastik Yantra in functional rooms such as the living room, entrance, study room, pooja room, etc.
  • It can be used for Vastu rectification & energy balance.


Weight52 Grams
Size2 Inch
Quantity 1


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