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Swastik or Swastika is an ancient symbol used by many different cultures for at least 5,000 years. In Hinduism, it’s believed that Swastik is a symbol of Lord Ganesha, who himself symbolizes wisdom, understanding, intellect, and many other things.

Swastik has lots of importance in Hindu scriptures, but it has a more significant role in Vastu Shastra. It’s believed that Swastik’s symbol has the power to keep negative energies away from the house. It also protects individuals and homes from evil eyes.

It is the symbol of auspiciousness, and with pyramids embedded, it gains even more power. The Swastik Pyramid Vastu Yantra 6 inch brings positive energies and good luck to the home. Pure copper Swastik 6-inch Pyramid yantra also helps fix various Vastu dosha of houses, offices, and factories.

Copper Swastik Pyramid Yantra (6-inch)

  • The Copper Swastik Pyramid weighs around 436grams, and it’s 6 inches in size.
  • Swastik Pyramid Yantra keeps negative energies away from the house.
  • It brings all-round prosperity, happiness & wellness.
  • Copper Swastik Pyramid is ideal for houses, offices, and factories.
  • It can be used for Vastu Dosha rectification, but one needs to consult a Vastu Expert.


Item Swastik
Material Copper
Weight 436 Gram
Size 6 Inch
Quantity  1


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