Pure Copper 3 inch Pyramid Set (Multi-Layered)



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Just like the positive energies, negative energies do exist, and this is what ruins our life. As per the Vastu Shastra, each and every house needs to install Pyramids to wipe off the negativity.

There are many types of pyramids available in the Vastu world like Copper Pyramid, Brass Pyramid, Crystal Pyramid, Stone Pyramid, etc. Each of the pyramids serves a different purpose and has different benefits.

Our Copper 3 inch Pyramid set will keep negative energies at bay. The multi-layered 9×9 pyramid are most commonly used to rectify the Vastu dosh of home & workplace. You can also install it in the South East or South region to balance the aura. The copper one is recommended to those who are experiencing negativity in his or her house.

Copper 3 inch Pyramid Set (Multi-Layered)

  • This is a set of the 3-inch pure copper pyramid.
  • It’s a multi-layered Pyramid set (3 Layers) to increase the effectiveness of the size.
  • The top layer has a large pyramid, the middle one has 9, and the bottom has 81 pyramids.
  • It can be placed in the South region of your home/office to rectify Vastu dosh.
  • The installment should be done after consulting a Vastu expert.


Weight786 Grams
Size3 Inch
Quantity 1


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