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The Fourth House In Vedic Astrology - Home & Family

The Fourth House In Vedic Astrology – Home & Family

by gemsyogi

In our previous articles, we discussed the first house, which relates to our identity, second house which rules over our values, third house which relates to communications & interest. Today, we will discuss the fourth house, which is all about our roots.

Fourth House In Vedic Astrology

Fourth House In Vedic Astrology

Fourth House In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Fourth house is the house of home & family. It marks our journey from the womb to the tomb. So, with womb we mean mother, from where we originated, the care that we receive from our mother, and to what we are most attached, the things that we care the most. With tomb, we mean old age, our final resting place, the place from where we grow up, and will have to return one day.

So, it directly refers to mother, nurture, care, love, etc. The house shows the deep roots from where we emerged, thus representing our childhood as well. It shows the places where we find comfort and emotional satisfaction.

The House Of Happiness

The fourth house is also referred to as a ‘House of Happiness’ because it deals with your private lives. The image that you have in your family, your relations with the family members (especially mother), and everything that has strong ties in the native’s heart are seen through the fourth house. It represents the property, house, land, real estate, motorcycle, cars & other vehicles, etc.

The fourth house in astrology represents the comforts, happiness, ancestral properties, and anything that you possess. 4th house also has a lot to do with the education and qualification of the native because it signifies home, and School & College is also a home-type place where we go and learn.

It also represents the divine knowledge, which is something beyond religion like learning astrology, bible, Bhagavat Gita, reikie healing, etc. 4th house in astrology also represents the clothing, furniture, and any antique items that you have on your home.

It Represents The Sensitive Side Of Your Heart

This is the house that’s connected to our hearts, thus representing our feelings and emotional wounds. The sensitive side of our heart, which we always try to hide or protect from others, is also seen from this house. So, whenever you speak your personal & emotional side of yours, you are usually talking about your fourth house. It also represents the peace of mind and the environment that a native enjoys or suffers inside his home.

The 4th house in astrology also represents the gain of travels, wealth & resources of your younger siblings, the financial loss of your children, travel for your children. It also represents your gains through the debts, family after marriage, children, wife, etc. Other than that, it also represents the luck of your joint assets, gains through uncles, and gains through enemies.

The weak or negative fourth house in a chart indicates less happiness at home. The native will find it difficult to relax at home, but he would be relaxed once he goes beyond the boundaries of his house. The weak or badly influenced fourth house also adversely affects the comforts, happiness, and luxuries in the native’s life. On the other hand, the well placed and positive fourth house ensures pleasure of mind, great mental condition, stress-free & luxurious life.

The positive and well influenced fourth house also ensures great relations with relatives, gains through relatives, good health of mother, happiness, and relaxement at home. However, to examine the fourth house in astrology, one needs to analyze the whole chart. The fourth house in the horoscope relates to Cancer sign and is ruled by the Planet Moon.

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