Cancer Zodiac Sign: Traits, Career & Interesting Facts

After knowing about Gemini, we have now moved into the fourth sign of the Zodiacs – Cancer. Cancer is the zodiac which is ruled by the moon and characterized by the crab. The element of Cancer Zodiac is water that means emotions and heart guide this zodiac.

We cannot describe the personality of Cancer in a single article because they are full of surprises! These are the people who give love, relations, family, friends the utmost priority. For them, family, friends, and home are everything and they can do everything for their good.

The main characteristic of Cancerian is their love and caring nature. They always stand for their family and loved ones. The natives born with Cancer sign always try to protect their family and loved ones from the evils and they do so.

Being the ruler of the fourth house which is the house of family and home, they are rather quick to help others and they look for kindness in everyone. Natives born with this sign hates small or white lies, and therefore they have a hard time blending into the other peoples or the world around them.

They are also very moody and sensitive by nature and they can’t endure harsh words or negative feedbacks from others because these things deeply hurt them. Since the ruling planet of Cancer is the moon, it endows them with tender feeling and they seek for emotional stability & happiness throughout life.

Cancer Career & Money

Cancer Career & Money
Cancer Career & Money

Cancerians were known for their protective and loyal nature. So, the same implies in the Career section as well. When provided with tasks, Cancer natives will put their 100% to complete the tasks on hand. They will work steadily and will get things done.

Considering people born with Cancer sign are very protective, they would love to have a job that would cover the bill and will save the remaining to spend in need. It’s not that they don’t enjoy doing business, they are creative and can come up with brilliant and unique ideas with their imaginative powers.

In decision making, Cancerians always follows their hearts which makes them great leaders. Cancer never likes to follow anybody and try to do things in their own way. They can be a good investor or business partner. Another most important thing about Cancerians is that they are shy and introvert. They don’t seek attention and neither they want to be on the limelight. They happily work on the background silently until the undertakings get completed.

Cancerians usually have a mentality to explore new subjects or learn anything new. This mentality along with strong imagination powers make them great writers, composers, actors, artists. However, the ruling planet of Cance is Moon and just like the waning and waxing of the Moon, Cancer natives go through a series of mood swings.

During their mood swings, their efficiency and enthusiasm hit rock bottom. In fact, if their mood swings were not tackled well at the time, their mood swings can destroy their image at work-place.

Cancer Love & Relationship

Cancer Career & Money
Cancer Love & Relationship

Because of their loving and caring nature, Cancer is really a great sign for love & relationship. They usually have a great relationship, but since crab represents Cancer, these peoples are are solid like a shell from the outside and soft from inside. This is why they often get hurt on small things that affect the relationship.

They are pretty straight-forward and they stay away from unreliable and flirting individuals. All they want is an understanding and caring partner to share their inner feelings and daily routine. Cancerians always look for security and therefore they never feel satisfied with the amount of love that they get.

They always seek for love, affection and pampering on the relationship. However, when Cancer love with all their senses, they will do anything to secure their love and they will love and care for them without thinking twice.

Since Cancer borns treat their partner with all care and love, they struggle a lot when it comes to ending a relationship. Ending a relationship is really a big deal for Cancerians even if they have just been committed. Their breakups happen several times before they accept that it has ended.

Negative Traits of Cancer

Temperament is one of the negative traits of Cancer, these natives can be very temperamental and they get easily hurt. It doesn’t matter how profitable the deal is, if you are the one to hurt Cancer, they will reject every offer or suggestions of yours.

Emotional by nature, they go through a series of depression on every setbacks and failure. While other zodiacs manage to move on, Cancer peoples were often found stuck in the past leading to pessimism.

Sometimes, Cancer borns trap themselves with imaginary hurts and surround themselves with negativity. Over time, they create extremely unsettling conditions for them which lead to nowhere.

Be it in love or friendship, Cancer natives don’t like losing things that are close to their heart. This thing creates lots of trouble and they were often found complaining about lots of things. Since they are highly emotional, they fear rejection from close people and are easily hurt.

Since they don’t want to get hurt, they sometimes doubt people’s intentions. They tend to cross check everything before making a final commitment. This thing sometimes hurts other people.

Interesting Facts About Cancer Borns

  • Cancer people struggle to forgive the ones who break their trust.
  • People born with this sign don’t argue with others, but when they do they can shut people up.
  • Cancer does not love being on the limelight. In fact, they feel shy & awkward in such situations.
  • If anyone wins cancer’s heart, they will do what other zodiacs can’t to make you happy.
  • Natives born with these sign struggle to say ‘No’ to the people they care and they end up taking the wrong decision.
  • You will rarely find cancer who has not been hurt or betrayed.
  • You can’t hide anything from Cancer because they have an intelligent mind to know what you are trying to hide.
  • Cancer follows a simple rule – Give Love & Take Love.

Famous Cancer Borns

Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Shane Dawson, Zach Clayton, Lionel Messi, Lele Pons, Tana Mongeau.

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