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Ask your Personal Questions to Astrologer

by gemsyogi

Ask your Personal Questions to Astrologer

The report will have the predictions for:

  • Answering one personal questions 
  • Get personalized reading based on the questions asked. 
  • Remedies will be provided if needed. 

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Let’s admit, we all know our sun sign, moon sign, or possibly our ascendant. Some of us even have read a horoscope or two. These days, Sun Sign based forecasts come printed in newspapers, but does it holds any value?

In our experience, we have found that the moon sign based predictions were near to useless. Unlike personalized astrology reports, Moon/Sun sign predictions can’t reveal damaging behavioral patterns, and it neither forewarns you of any upcoming problems.

Astrology has a more profound meaning, and it can benefit you in multiple ways. It not only helps you to harness the best aspects of your personality, it also opens the room for self-improvement.

If you have a troublesome life or want to know what the future holds for you, it’s always best to consult an expert astrologer. After analyzing your birth chart, an expert astrologer could help you wave off adverse events & troubles in life.

Meet Our Expert Astrologer


Our expert astronomer, Vishal Parekh, will analyze both your Kundli and Palm to answer your questions. Vishal Parekh is an experienced astrologer & palm reader with 12 years of knowledge.

He has spent time with many professional astrologers to know more about the planets and their influences on human life.

He is an all-rounder in his field, and he has profound knowledge in palmistry and Vastu shastra. He is so accurate that he can tell your hidden secrets just by analyzing your hands.

On Gemsyogi, he is dedicated to serving those who are looking for an astrological solution to bring peace & happiness in life.

Vishal Parekh is a sincere astrologer, and he is someone who can provide you genuine suggestions for every problem that bothers you.

About Ask an Astrologer Service

Since everyone has their problems and wants to ask specific questions to astrologers, we have brought you an ask an astrologer service. In this service, you can ask any question to our astrologer by paying a small fee.

Let’s say you are facing problems in your love life; you can ask our astrologer to tell you about your current love life. In the same way, you can ask about your investments, family life, wealth, health & wellbeing.

As a bonus, the report will also have remedies (If required). The answers to your questions were supposed to be very accurate.

To answer your questions, our astrologer would need your birth details like DOB, Time of Birth, Location, etc. If you don’t have those details with you, then you need to send the photos of both palms (palmistry)

Few Questions You Can Ask?

  • How will be my married life?
  • How much money will I earn in my life?
  • Is it a suitable time for starting a new business?
  • What is the best time to buy a new home?
  • Whether I will get into a relationship or not?
  • Is divorce is indicated in the near future?
  • When will I get rid of my health trouble?
  • What are the remedies to overcome my loneliness?

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