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Welcome to gemsyogi.com, in GemsYogi you will get all types of answers to your queries and suggestions regarding astrology.

Basically, in GemsYogi platform you will get all pieces of information and services on gemstones. Not only that but answers to the few popular questions like how to pick the best gemstone, advantages & disadvantages of gemstones and much more extensive information related to Gemology.

Additionally, at GemsYogi we will be providing a few guides and information covering astrology section as well. Many of you might be thinking about how I could provide all such information? So, for them let clarify that along with my studies from my teenage I spent a lot of time with well-renowned astrologers, and the most ultimate thing is that astrology is my passion.

The word ‘Astrology’ triggers me, and i can sense excitement wherever the word related to ‘Vedic Astrology’, ‘Jyotish’, ‘Astrology’, ‘Gemstones’ has been used. It’s not that i want to become an astrologer, neither i want to give other suggestions, but there’s something deep inside me which always had forced me to explore more about this particular section.

Hence, I have already spent more than 6 years in astrology to explore each element of astrology. So, with more than six years of research and experiences with well-known astrologers, i have decided to share several informations from the astrology books. But, you should keep in your mind that whatever information I will provide here will be based on research and personal suggestions, so, before going for anything, I recommend you all that you should consult your family astrologer for further confirmations.

Now apart from all this information, here at GemsYogi I will also provide several products as well, of course, regarding astrology. So, here at GemsYogy, you will soon discover products like genuine gemstones, several types of substitutes for gemstones, rudraksha, peace idols, and much more at really affordable prices.

It’s also worth to note that at GemsYogi all the gemstones come from the certified and well-renowned labs so that we can provide our users the best. In fact, our service motto will always be customer satisfaction,

However, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our products or blog then do not hesitate to contact us, as we are consistently trying our best to meet customer satisfaction and make our products and services the best.

Thanks for visiting GemsYogi. Have A Good Day!

Amarnath Chakraborty  –  Founder 

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